Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Favorite Posts

Day 21... Share a few of your favorite posts from your blog. There's only a few days left to this challenge! Yay! I skipped one day and then was late posting the topics over the weekend, but I think it was worth it to do this challenge. Here are my favorite posts. Enjoy!

A Special Moment ~ I wrote about the experience me, my mom, and my aunt had with my grandpa the day before he died. I realized how present God is in our lives even more.

Hair and Make Up by Beautiful People ~ I was very happy to share my experience with having my hair and make up done professionally on our wedding day. (I'm going to write about the actual ceremony after this challenge is over.)

That time I chose to eat breakfast food ~ I chose to eat breakfast when I was out for brunch with my mom this January. Bill later told me that Red Velvet pancakes are fu-fu pancakes. I think they still count. :)

Not even the MINT ~ This post makes me laugh. Bill and I were on a date and absolutely everything that could go wrong went wrong. We were able to laugh about it together.

Hanging out with Dad ~ I like rereading about the visits I have with my dad since he's living so far away right now.

Family Photos from Our Reception ~ I will treasure these photos for a long time. We made some good memories at our reception.


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