Monday, May 20, 2013

A Vivid Memory and My Favorite Blogs

Day 18 and 19.... A vivid memory from my childhood and a few of my favorite blogs.

I'm combining these two days, because I didn't want to blog over the weekend. I like coming back to my blog feeling refreshed, and I don't want to blog because I feel like I have an obligation. So I took a break.

A vivid memory from my childhood...

I was 8 or 9, and my brother must have been 5 or 6 years old. Phil is three years younger than me. We had gone over to my parent's friends house in Sycamore for the Pumpkin parade. Phil and I were playing in their backyard. I think Meg was with my mom and dad.

Their friends had this tree house with zip wire that went from the tree house to the other side of the yard. I have no idea why I wanted to try it. I'm scared of heights, and it was twelve feet in the air! Phil was still playing in the backyard when I decided to climb up in the tree house and try it out.

I grabbed the handles for the zip wire and pushed off the tree house. Halfway through, I could feel my hands getting tired, and I couldn't believe how high up I was. My hands slipped before I could do anything to stop it, and I fell really hard on tree stump in the middle of their yard.

I landed on my left side facing away from Phil. It was the weirdest experience. I didn't cry or scream...

I just laid there for a few minutes, and I remember Phil saying, "That has to hurt."

I can hear him saying that as clear as if it was just yesterday.

I got up eventually, and we walked to my mom who was watching the parade. I told her how I fell and that my arm hurt. I wasn't crying or anything so she didn't think it was that bad. I went a few days without going to the doctor, and then one night, I felt nauseous. My mom had to bring a bucket to my room.

The next day we went to a park with some of our friends, and my mom told her friend what happened and how I was nauseous the night before. She was slightly panicked when her friend told her that you can get nauseous when you have a broken bone.

We went to the emergency room right after that to get my arm checked out. When the doctor came back with the x-ray, he couldn't believe that my arm was broken clean through. I remember that it felt weird to move my arm. I felt the bone move separately inside my flesh. It was the weirdest feeling ever. I learned at a young age that I have a strong tolerance for pain. The doctor couldn't believe there was a clean cut since I wasn't in pain.

Do you have childhood memory you remember vividly?


Day 19. Here are some of my favorite blogs that I read regularly:

The Pioneer Woman

~ I adore Ree's blog. I read every post, and I love just exploring her whole blog on a daily basis. I just finished her book Black Heels to Tractor Wheels. I definitely recommend reading it.

Undressed Skeleton

~ I love this blog for all the fitness tips, advice, and encouragement. There are also plenty of healthy recipes as well.

Cupcakes and Cashmere

~ I read this blog for any fashion advice or for tips on home decor. There's so many good things on this blog. I also got my challah recipe there too.

Dancing Branflakes

~ Tiffany's blog is by far one of my very favorites. She's a dancer and a great writer. There are a lot of whimsical pictures and posts on her blog, and I love her writing.


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