Friday, May 10, 2013

An Embarassing Moment (Day 10)

 An awkward photo of me to go with an awkward and embarassing moment.

A couple of years ago, I was over at Bill's house (now it's the house live in together) and we were going to go pick up his tractor at the Tractor Bee. I know this makes me sound like a country farm girl even though I don't always feel like that. ha

Anyways, it was late August. The tractor bee had eneded a week ago, and we needed to pick it up. I drove with Bill to where the show is held, probably 5 miles from our house. When we got there he told me which way to turn out of the place... In my defense, he didn't specify whether it would be a left or right turn. Yes, I should have remembered which way he pointed and which way I had come from but I didn't.

I wanted to get it right. I so desperately wanted to get it right. Bill told me later when I pulled out in the wrong direction, he couldn't stop laughing. I went a few miles in the wrong direction. By then, I knew it was the wrong direction.

My palms were sweating. I was feeling anxious. I ended up calling my future sister and brother-in-law who would be my neighbors. Dan gave me directions back home, and I eventually made it back to Bill's house.

A lot of my embarassing moments have to do with me being directionally challenged.

I had a hard time thinking of an embarrasing moment, but now that I written this little story, I remember a time that me and Bill drove to Chicago for one of my friend's birthday parties. We got to the right bar... None of my friends were there. I didn't recognize anyone. I knew something was wrong. I panicked a little, but assumed that they were just late, perhaps?

I called one of my friends and found out I was there on the wrong weekend! The party was planned for the weekend after that.

That really sucked. I double and triple check everything now for good reasons.

Do you have any embarrassing moments that stick out to you?


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