Friday, April 12, 2013

Our Beach Wedding: Picking the Spot for the Ceremony

My mom Laurie, my mother-in-law Lori, and me went to this small beach to scope it out and find out if we wanted to have the wedding there. (Can you believe that my mom and Bill's mom have the same name? They also grew up living close to each other even though they didn't know each other then.) The spot where we were looking had beautiful coral.
We would have the ceremony right there overlooking the ocean.
I thought this spot was particularly beautiful, but I wasn't thrilled about it. I didn't feel like there was a lot of open room to walk around after the ceremony, and I really wanted more of beach feel to the ceremony where we could be standing directly in front of the ocean.
After looking around and thinking about every option, we moved on to the next spot.
The next option was having the ceremony at Shuckers. We were already having the dinner there, and I knew almost right away it would perfect to also have the ceremony there. We were right on the beach with the ocean's waves rushing towards us. We only had to walk up a flight of stairs to the restaurant after the ceremony.

It was so beautiful, relaxed, and magical.

*I never use the word magical, but it was very fitting for our wedding in my biased opinion. :)
A sneak peek of the actual spot we chose.


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