Thursday, April 18, 2013

Our Beach Wedding: Hair & Make Up by Beautiful People

The morning of the wedding was surreal. I was about to experience the biggest life changing event of my life. I was so happy and ready for our big day. There was only hurdle to get over.

Make myself look presentable. Ha

A couple weeks before the wedding, I committed a horrible pre-wedding sin and got my hair cut at a new salon. I ended up leaving the horrible hair place with six inches off the length of my hair. I was furious.

I stayed up late at night upset, and I would wake up and cry because my long locks were gone. I'm sad to admit that happened many nights before the wedding. That morning of the wedding, I wasn't even thinking about what I was going to do with my hair even though I got my layers back in my hair by my regular stylist.

I remember when me and my mom were sitting down outside of the hotel eating breakfast on our wedding morning. I had popped a gape in my mouth when we noticed the stylists talking to my in-laws. We assumed they were the stylists since they were talking about hair and all. Pretty safe assumption.

When the conversation ended, they pointed to me after the woman stylist asked where the bride was. I've never been so thrilled to be called the bride.

I had originally told my family that I didn't want anyone to do my hair, because of my horrible experience a couple of weeks earlier. My thoughts shifted when I saw my hair stylist. She introduced herself and told us her name was Tayna.

She talked to us for a few minutes, and I told her about my bad hair cut and my fears. She didn't run away from me and my crazy talk. Tayna was so confident and sweet. She was perfect for the job. I eagerly accepted her offer to do my hair and makeup. My mom and I instantly thought she was great and she was!

When Tayna started putting my make up on, I could feel my stress lift from me. I knew she was more than capable and trustworthy. (She also does makeup for models! I couldn't have asked for a better stylist!) It was wonderful having someone else doing all of that on our big day!

I went for a dramatic look with my makeup. Similar to my usual routine with the dark eyeliner on top with the cat eye and a medium pink eyeshadow. That's definitely my favorite look.

After the make up, I put on my dress. My mom helped me with pinning my dress to the side in the back. It was more complicated than it looks. She did a great job.


My mom took these pictures. It was her idea for me to have the veil over my face. I love the way they turned out.

Me in all my get up. :) Ready to get married!

Tayna doing Meg's hair.
Megs all beautified.
Tracie getting her hair done.

Katie taking care of the littles.

Mom with her best friend, Lisa! It was so much fun having her there. :)
Mom and Meg lookin' good.

Me with my momma. Thanks for making my day perfect and for helping me get ready. You are always the best.

Next Part: The Ceremony!


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