Monday, April 22, 2013


On Saturday, I snapped this picture of Nickolai. Bill came up with his name, and I find it particularly fitting of his personality.

Nickolai sounds like a boy with an attitude and a lot of spunk. The chicken has all of that, and he's a little rude sometimes as well. He's actually a punk.

Before snapping this picture, Nickolai ran up to me and pecked at my feet when I opened the door to his cage. He regularly tries to attack my feet when I feed him in the morning. I was wearing flats that day and part of my feet were exposed right where he likes to bite me. The punk knows how to fight tough.

He's a funny little chicken though. I picked him up to defuse his anger, and I got him to smile for me in the picture above. At least I think he's smiling. OK, he probably isn't smiling, but at least he is being pleasant! Ha

I sent the picture to my sister, Megan, to which she responded, "What the heck is that?" haha Apparently, she forgot how funny and cute little Bantam chickens are.

I certainly forget about how mean the roosters are when I take fun pictures of them. The plus side? The hens don't bite. I think Nickolai needs etiquette lessons from his wife, Dolly. Just saying.


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