Monday, April 29, 2013

Arrowhead Hunting

Sunday evening, I went arrowhead hunting with Bill, two brother-in-laws, and two of our nieces, Reese and Lanie in one of their fields. This was the first time that I really put an effort into searching! I've never found one before, and I desperately want to join the elite club that's found one. Unfortunately, I wasn't lucky. I tried though. I really really tried. I searched through every cluster of rocks I came across. Each one tricked me into believing they were hoarding those precious arrowheads. Next time, I will find one of those stubborn little guys. Don't you worry.

Bill, on the other hand, was lucky for the second day in a row. He found one on Saturday and a second arrowhead on Sunday. He has an eye for them.

I've learned his tricks for finding them:

One... Keep your mind blank. Don't think about anything else besides arrowheads.

Two...They're usually just laying on top of soil out in the open.

Three... Don't walk to close to any of your friends when searching. They might not be your friend after you find the same one. These arrowheads are valuable artifacts you know.

Four... Have fun. Don't be too anxious to find one.

Spreading out across the field is necessary. Bill always talks about the time his brother or brother-in-law was too close to him when he was searching for arrowheads, and I believe they spotted one at the same time. It ended in a big fight, right guys? ha Just kidding.
Billy wasn't the only one that found an arrowhead.... Reese tracked down her first find on Sunday! After she discovered it, she ran right over to Billy, the arrowhead expert, and asked him if it was an actual arrowhead. It was so cute. Reese was really proud of it as she should be. Her sister, Lanie, was very disappointed that she didn't find one. That was also pretty cute.
I'm hoping someday I will be able to say I've found one as well. Bill's family are experts at finding these treasures. Just look at their collection! It speaks for itself if you ask me.


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