Friday, April 5, 2013

A Story about a Cheeto

 Love this.

Bill and I sometimes call each other Cheeto. It's a strange nick name of sorts. We say it so much that we sometimes call family members that name. I've called my mom "Cheeto" when I've called her on the phone. I have so many nick names for her, that she didn't even notice. Bill has called his sister Tracie "Cheeto" before when the family was together playing a game. I heard he got pretty embarrassed and quickly corrected himself. haha

This story isn't about a nick name though. It's about the time I was eating a cheeto and was seriously choking on one at work. I never expected that to happen! Yesterday, I was having breakfast at work. That day it included yogurt with raspberries, and I was still hungry so I had some cheetos. I was doing my work and staring at the computer screen when I felt a cheeto travel down my throat. It felt strange. I started to panick when I realized it was a whole one.

All the sudden, I couldn't breathe. My airway was completely blocked. I've never felt so panicked in my life.

I was trying to make a noise any noise. It was hard even opening my mouth. I made a gut wrenching attempt at a cough that sounded like a person being choked, which I was.

After several seconds, the cheeto moved so it wasn't blocking my airway. I have no idea how it moved out of the way. Thank God it did though. I was finally able to breathe again. I thought something really bad was going to happen because no one was coming up to me to help me. I don't think they knew that I couldn't breathe at all. I could barely make a noise.

I sent Bill a text later in the day about my cheeto incident. Although, it wasn't funny at all at the time, I can find humor in the fact that I was choking on a cheeto when we call each other Cheeto all the time. Ha I'm so glad nothing serious happened!

When I got home, Bill was telling me that his dad actually saved someone's life that day. A man was stuck in a machine that was carrying gravel on a conveyor belt. His dad ran as fast as he could around to the other side of the machine where the control panel is located and turned off the machine.

He was able to turn it off just in time. A few more seconds and it would have been a different story.

I like hearing about stories where someone's life was saved. No one came up to me when I was choking, but I know God was looking out for me.

How strange to hear about one when I could have had serious issues the same day? Have you ever had something weird like that happen to you?


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nina said...

Hey there,I've had something similar happened to me. It is a really bad and panicky feeling. It scares you to death. Thank god nothing happened to you :)