Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My New Purse

My mom pointed out that my boots match my purse!
As I mentioned earlier, my dad helped me get what turns out to be my dream purse! We had gone to the outlet mall and we walked into the Fossil store (after going to many stores) to find an abundance of leather purses! There were so many choices. I was stuck on this brightly pink colored purse that I'm glad I didn't get. I had another option in my hand as well when a man working there walked up to me.

He politely told me that the bright pink purse wouldn't be as good of an option as the light violet colored purse I had in my hand. I welcomed the advice and walked back to where I found the violet purse after I discarded the hot pink purse! The violet purse was next to all these black/chestnut brown purses. I was glad that guy approached me and gave me that advice. The leather was better quality on the purse he suggested than the pink one I had looked at.

By this time, my dad probably knew that I needed helped deciding when he walked over to me. He waited a while to speak and said, "How about that brown one?"

I didn't know which one he was referring. He pointed to this beautiful chestnut colored one. I'm glad he asked me about it. I don't think I would have noticed it, because I was so stuck on the violet one. I loved the color, and I knew it would go with every season. It was more classic. (*I can just see my mom giving me an eye roll for calling a purse "classic." She isn't into labels. ha)

I replied with, "Yeah, that one would be really nice."

 All he said in return was, "OK, I'll help you buy it."

I was in shock. It was a really nice purse with slightly bigger price tag than what I had budgeted. My dad likes to surprise me like that. I thanked him a bunch of times, and we walked out the door with my new favorite purse.

I think I'll always look at that purse with good memories. Love you, Dad!


2 Sweet Notes:

Fran said...

That purse is super cute!

Fran said...

That purse is super cute!