Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Back on Track

Last night, I worked out for fifty-five minutes, longer than I've worked out in a while. I did cardio that combined strength training for thirty minutes, and I ran for twenty-five minutes.

The running went well. I watched It's Complicated while running on the treadmill. Whenever I watch a movie, running goes by faster.

After running, I switched to my cardio DVD's. I love my new ones that also use weights. They're perfect. You might be wondering why I chose to workout for an hour? I honestly felt inspired by my brother. He works out everyday during the week for an hour and a half. I want the same dedication to breaking a sweat like he has. Also, I want to lose around 10 pounds or more.

Whenever, I have exercised consistently in the past and watched my diet the extra weight I had would easily come off. I'm treating this like an experiment. (Exercise was my magic pill, along with not snacking.) I'm going to start working out for the hour and a half like my brother does. I can't wait to find out what happens! :)

Here's my plan:

Eat healthier:
Breakfast: yogurt with blueberries
Lunch: vegetables with some kind of protein
Dinner: I'm not officially planning out dinner. Our plans for dinner change to often. :) I will post later the healthy options I find.

For a snack in the mid morning, I want to either have a fruit or a vegetable, or I will have my 94% fat free popcorn that only has 220 some calories in the whole bag!  I'm rarely hungry in the afternoon so I'm not going to have a snack. Instead, I'm going to have unsweetened tea or water. If I get hungry, I can always afford the calories of a vegetable. :)

Workout plan: 
Different forms of cardio for 1.5 hours for 5 days a week.

Record workout/diet in my journal. I've done this before, and it works really well. Last night, I was rereading my notes from earlier this Fall. I love looking back on what I did.

I'll keep updating my progress after each week. I want to see a difference in 3 months!


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