Sunday, February 24, 2013

Welcome home, Dad!

This morning, I woke up a little early... I was anticipating my dad coming home! I hadn't seen him since Christmas while he's been at work in Afghanistan, but he is now HOME!

I got a call from him early in the morning while I was making pancakes. I don't usually make pancakes, and it was actually the first time.

I felt all domesticated telling my dad, I was up cooking. Haha

It was fun talking to him while he waited to board the plane in Washington to head home to Chicago. (Before that flight he had two other flights.)

Anyway, when he came to my house with my brother Phil and his friend Tom, I was very excited to see him!

I knew he had walked over to my backyard to say hi to my feathered children first. Kevin and Ginger greeted him warmly. :)

Although, I knew he said hi to them, I had to ask, "Did  you say hi to Kevin?" I sure got some eye rolls over that one. 

There something so fun about having a little duck that has his own little following within the family. OK, enough about the duck. Back to my dad.

We opted on having dinner together, since my dad need to rest up a little bit. He had been traveling for five days! It sure takes some effort on his part to come home from Afghanistan.

After he rested go some rest, Bill and I met up at his house and had dinner at a restaurant we have gone to together many of times before he started working in Afghanistan. That sweet little restaurant always brings back earlier memories that I treasure. I miss those times, but I am betting they will be back someday.

We talked and discussed different things. Things about his camp that I can't discuss on my blog and his life in general over there.

Tonight made me excited about hanging out with him while he's back home. Like I wasn't already!

Here's to a great visit, dad! So glad you're back home!


2 Sweet Notes:

Chelsea said...

This is such a sweet post. I know you are happy to have him near you. Hope it's a great time!!

Regine Karpel said...

Enjoy it all!
Enjoy your dad!
Come say hi!