Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Love my Winter Workouts

Summer come back!

I tried another Denise Austin DVD, and I absolutely loved it. I love that her workouts are easy to follow and challenging at the same time. I'm so very excited that I have a way to get my heart rate up without walking on the treadmill. (I only really like doing that if I want to watch a movie/TV show at the same time.)

The workouts I tried last night were kettle ball inspired and the cardio sculpt. Both of them worked the whole body, but I can especially feel it in my obliques. The DVD is appropriately called Sculpt & Burn. :) Love, love!!

Her workouts are definitely something I would do year round, but they are also some of the only workouts I would do in the winter.

What's your favorite way to workout when you're stuck inside?


(Image via: Pinterest)

3 Sweet Notes:

Regine Karpel said...

Love the treadmill!

Melissa Blake said...

What a beautiful photo!!

Sienna said...

that photo is gorgeous, i just stick with yoga, props to you for working out even when the weather sucks!