Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Kevin & Megan

I remember posting about Megan when we first got her, but I don't believe I've written a whole lot about her since... It was so sweet when we brought Megan home and she was following Kevin from outside of the cage. She was so eager to meet him! (FYI, Megan used to be named Ginger, but we changed it.) Kevin and her are two peas in a pod. They love sitting outside even in the single digits! They act like it's normal weather. :)
Our chickens on the other hand are inside that little door. They hate the cold. I will have to push them out their later so I can take their picture. They're white too and completely fluffy!! We named them Nikolai and Dolly.
I can't get over how big Kevin is. Makes me want to pick him up and give him a big hug! Ha
Typical scene with Megan laying down and Kevin standing for a while. I love their feathers and how their beaks and feet are the only thing that stands out against the snow.
Love these little guys. :)