Thursday, January 17, 2013

Wanting to Hibernate

Could I just wake up and would it be warm and beautiful like it is in this picture??

What a week. I feel like it should still be Monday! It went by soo fast. You may be curious about my title? I have been feeling tired lately. I need to get to bed earlier or something. Also, I just plain want to hibernate until everyone around me is healthy again. Husband is feeling under the weather. People are sick around me, and I'm drinking copious amounts of EMERGEN-C to insure that I don't get sick.

I'm hoping he feels better soon. I want him to feel good when we go out to celebrate our one year! We are going out on Saturday. Our actual anniversary is on Sunday, but I thought it would be more fun to do something nice on Saturday when I'm not thinking about the weekend ending! Completely practical. :)

Plus, I'm thinking that we'll go to my mom's house on Sunday where our wedding cake is currently being stored in her freezer, since we have no room in our little freezer. I'm thinking it might actually still taste good, since this cake is actually from our wedding reception in June and not from last January. There was no way we could travel from Florida to Illinois with wedding cake... One of the only down points of having a destination wedding. It's probably the only bad thing. I highly recommend destination weddings.

It was completely fitting for us. I might have to write about that this weekend...

Anyways, I am actually planning on relaxing this weekend unlike last weekend when I started a million projects and folded five loads of laundry. Ha That doesn't mean that I haven't stopped planning and thinking about things that I want to do to better my house or my blog. Speaking of which, I want to write more posts that I can put under my navigation bar that people can read when they stumble upon my blog.

Things like....

My plans for the future.

Things I love and want to do.

Our destination wedding.

My thoughts about family and what kind of family I want.

Let me know if there's anything that you would want to read about! I'm curious what you would like to know.

Have a great weekend.


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