Monday, January 28, 2013

Our First Trip to IKEA

Sitting with Bill. We found a living room that had a really cool way to store books and that had a Nintendo below the TV!

On Saturday night, Bill and I went to IKEA for the first time together. I guess we could have gone together 3 years ago when we first met. Bill says he remembers asking me, but I have no recollection of it! I guess I was too busy that time to go there. Ha Anyways, I was on a mission to find a nightstand that was tall enough and had enough shelving. My first instinct was to buy what I saw first, but I ignored that.

I think we only spent an hour at the store... We debated on getting a cinnamon roll. Decided against that. Then, I found my nightstand at the very end in the bathroom decor section. Technically it isn't a nightstand but a shelf. I love it anyways.

Except for the whole assembly part. I complained about it on Facebook. Classy. Then, I really started to try and put the shelf together, and this weekend is the first time I can say that I assembled any piece of furniture!! Bill would come in the room and check if I was on the right path, but besides that, I did all of the work. I understand he was trying to help me figure it out by myself, but boy, I was annoyed at first! Haha I ended up feeling pretty good about building it by myself.

I told my brother, Phil, that I actually assembled it, and he asked, "How many times did you screw it up?"

Only about 3 times! I swear I read and analyzed each step for a few minutes before attempting anything! It worked. :)

Already found my nightstand and ready to stop shopping! ;)

After all that, I reaped the benefits of my work!

I've never had this much storage space right next to my bed, but I love it!! I'll finally stay organized. :)


2 Sweet Notes:

Brandi @ Home Team Dreams said...

IKEA is pretty awesome! I mostly love getting decorative accents and rugs there, but I've purchased a few bookshelves that I love. I kinda hate the whole assembly thing too, mostly because the picture instructions that they give kinda suck (in my opinion). Haha! But once put together I usually love what I've bought!

Hope you had a great Monday, Natalie!

Jenna said...

Ahhhh I LOVE Ikea! When I was a nanny this summer, the little girl and I would take Ikea trips just for fun hahah I made a little iMovie of the kids for the parents at the end of the summer, and when I asked the little girl what was her favorite part of the summer, she replied, "Trips to Ikea!"


I absolutely adore your nightstand! You did such a great job assembling it- looks absolutely perfect! Very impressive work!