Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dear Bill

Holding the top of our wedding cake on our one year anniversary...

I am missing you like crazy! I can't wait for Friday night when I get to see you!

Did I mention how glad I am that you only work night shift one week out of the month? Well, I'm really glad I get to hang out with you almost all of the time.

I love that I got to have lunch with you when your working nights. I like letting you pick where to eat (most of the time!) so you get to do something fun. The Mediterranean place wasn't bad. The hummus and pita bread are my favorite.

Also, can I just say how glad that we finally bought are tickets for Europe! I'm so happy that you are excited and already planning what you want to do in Germany! I can't wait to think and plan more with you. :)

This weekend, I'm looking forward to hanging out at home with you. Can't wait to see you, best friend!


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