Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Not Even The MINT

The lights at Brookfield Zoo.
Last Saturday, I had a special night planned for me and Bill. We were going to go to the Brookfield Zoo for their Christmas lights. I was SO excited for that night. We both love going to the zoo together. Love lazily walking through the buildings and enjoying the time outdoors as well.

Our night really didn't turn out as I had hoped. We waited at one of the stoplights to turn into the zoo for FORTY-FIVE minutes! Apparently, a few other people thought it would be a nice night to go to the zoo too. Ha! After forty-five minutes passed, we heard the cop who was helping with traffic yell, "Close the gates!" We both felt like throwing in the towel at that point, but we went to the other entrance where we waited for a short while to get into the zoo.

We barely found a parking spot, and I was getting frustrated that my night I had planned was turning out horribly. Bill and I ended up spending more time waiting in line to get into the zoo than the amount of time we actually spent inside the zoo. It was way too crowded for our taste.

I should have known it would be filled to the brim with people and small children. We decided to leave after an hour and chalked it up for bad luck. lol We decided to go to Luigi's House, a place that we usually like a lot. Our meals were slightly off.... Nothing tasted especially good. When we were in the car about to leave for home, we tried opening our mints from the restaurant and found out that we couldn't even enjoy our mint! The plastic was melted to the candy. I couldn't help but laugh at that! How could that be that even our mints were bad?

We went home a little puzzled for sure. I don't think we have EVER had a night like that. Next time, I'll make sure we can enjoy our time at the zoo! I love when we are the only people there. :)

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Eleanor at Mirror Of My World said...

such a shame! but good luck for next time xxx lovely pic you took anyway xx