Sunday, November 4, 2012

our trip to the wilderness.

Earlier this week, we went to the Wilderness in Wisconsin Dells. I love going there in the Fall/Winter, because there are no lines for any of the rides! I think we only had to wait behind two groups of people maybe once or twice. That was awesome. :)
We went to the Wave Pool a bunch of times. I learned that wearing your contacts in the pool is completely unnecessary. I was having to clean them every time I got out of the pool, and since my vision isn't that bad, I decided to forgo them all together at least while I was swimming. Fortunately, Bill didn't have the same problem as me which is good since his vision is much worse!
I always take a picture of my feet when I'm watching the waves. It never gets old. haha
Bill's brother Tom and his girlfriend Colleen came up for one of the days that we were there and hung out with us. We had a great time swimming in the wave pool and going on the rides together.
We went to Moose Jaw the second night there, and Bill got the 50 ounce sampler of beer. Some of them were actually pretty good. I liked the honey beer the best.
I don't know why I ordered the white wine again. It was way too sweet for my taste. I think that was the second time I ordered it and hardly drank any of it. Our pizza was really good though. We always like it there!
We got ice cream on our last night at the Wilderness. Bill got Dark chocolate fudge with cookie dough, and I got mint chocolate chip. They have amazingly good ice cream. Love it! I think my favorite part of vacation was spending 6 hours a day in the pool. We would go in the morning and night. I couldn't get enough of the water rides and having that time with Bill. I love when we can get away together. Now, we are back to work tomorrow, and I'm working off all the calories I had by running and doing yoga. Yay. :)


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Leah said...

Your trip sounds like so much fun! Love the photos too. Seems like a smart idea to go when it's not as busy so you can enjoy everything more!!