Friday, November 2, 2012

Meg's Birthday

This series of photos cracks me up and makes me smile. It's totally Megan and our family. I love seeing my sister happy, especially on her birthday. Yesterday, my mom and her boyfriend and me and Bill celebrated Meg's birthday with a dinner that blew us away. My mom grilled ribeye steaks that were massive! She also cooked fettuccine with pesto and made a beautiful salad. I'm hoping I'm as good of a cook as her someday.

Of course, we had some cake too. We each got a slice even though the pictures say otherwise. :) I loved how even the cake has Fall colors on it.  Also, Meg really liked her presents. My mom gave her great stuff like a huge thing of coffee from Costco, clothes, and cash. I gave her one of her favorite movies Family Stone, some dry shampoo that smells amazing, make up, and spa lotion from Bath & Body. She loved it. :)

After dinner, cake, and presents, we sat around the TV talking and watching How I Met Your Mother. I thought about how much I'm going to miss having Meg around, but I'm so grateful we got to spend her birthday together minus my brother. We miss you, Phil! It's too bad he is in Boston for another week. Meg leaves on Monday for California. So we decided on Sunday that we are going to have Christmas come a little early by watching Home Alone. I can't wait to watch it.


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Leah said...

Those are some great photos- they really seem to capture her personality! Glad you guys had a good time celebrating her birthday!!