Friday, November 16, 2012

It's Friday and this is what's making me happy.

Braiding my niece, Lanie's, hair before we went to the zoo in February.

Megan (my sister) and I have been sending texts and calling on and off for the past couple of weeks to keep in touch since she left for California. I really like updating each other on little things we're doing throughout the day. For example, I told her tonight that I am watching Mean Girls while cleaning my house. I haven't watched this movie in a year, and I felt like I needed to watch it tonight. I used to watch it 5 to 7 times a month during my senior year of high school. That movie cracked me up, made me smile, and feel content all within two hours. ha If I had a bad day, I watched. If I had a good day, I watched it. You get the point.

Anyways, after I told her about my night, I mentioned to her that when she called me today during work, I had forgotten to put my phone on silent so it was on full volume when I was sitting at my cube. Also, I have my phone set to announce who is calling me. OH MY. I never thought how amused I would be when my phone announced, "Call from Megan Chip." I couldn't stop laughing. I always forget that not everyone has as many nick names for the people they love. Fortunately, no one said anything or even seemed to notice. It was the highlight of my afternoon.

The other highlight? I got to paint my nails the same color as in the photo above. That may or may not sound really lame. In my defense though, it was a Thursday evening, and there wasn't much going on in our house. I was watching Antiques Roadshow with Bill. A show that keeps growing on me but doesn't quite have as much of my attention as American Pickers (another show that we also watch together.) so I entertained myself by painting my nails with my favorite shade, Ate Berries in the Canaries, from OPI. It was a good night.

This weekend, we are making pizzas with Bill's family this evening, going to a baby shower on Saturday, and we have a Turkey raffle to go to on Sunday. Bill looks forward to the raffle each year. :) What are you up to this weekend?


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Furree Katt said...

You have such a perfect life! :)