Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall is here.

This weekend, I officially felt like fall is here. I spent the day with my brother-in-law's girlfriend, Colleen. The boys were in Wisconsin for the day at a flea market while we went to the apple orchard where there was the longest line for picking apples I have ever seen! Of course, we weren't going to waste our Sunday in line so we went inside to Kuiper's little shop where we bought cinnamon doughnuts, apple cider, and honey crisp apples. I'm the most excited for the honey crisp apples-they're amazing!

I guess we were in the fall mood after that, since we decided to take pictures of the leaves changing. I especially like the vine on my house with the red leaves. I also caught the rooster about to crow. Just look at his stance! Anyways, I couldn't have had a more relaxing day. We watched Devil Wears Prada, and I blogged some more posts for this week. What did you do this weekend?

2 Sweet Notes:

Rebecca said...

You post and picture make me long for fall! I went to the mall yesterday and smelled all the new fall scented candles ..but really, the mood just doesn't come up while it is 95 degrees out here in LA. Enjoy your fall, I sure am a little jealous!

Leah said...

What gorgeous photos- they really capture the season! And what a fun trip to the apple orchard. I'm hoping to go to one this fall too, but until then I'm enjoying the apple cider donuts my roomie brought back from one! hehe.