Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fall Cut Out Cookies

I did exactly what I planned on this weekend. I made the cut out cookies that I had been looking forward to baking for a while now, and I got to read more of the Clash of Kings. In the morning, I made rooster cookies with the cookie cutter my mom gave me, and I also made pumpkins and apples with cookie cutters that I had bought from Crate and Barell. They turned out amazing, and I even had frosting and sprinkles already stored away in my kitchen.

I looked at my baking supply this weekend, and I couldn't believe how much I already had right at my finger tips. I guess I'm proving to be the typical newly wed who bakes and cooks a lot. Oh well... I feel good that I have been branching out lately in what I decide to cook at any given time.

Later in the day, I went over to my mom's house to take care of my dog. My mom was gone for the day at a football game so I went for a walk with Kitty. (If you're wondering why we named her Kitty, you should ask my brother. ha He was fifteen and made a joke that her name should be Kitty. The name stuck and now we like to refer to her as Kitty, Kittle, Kib, and many other nick names.) Here are some of the pictures I took this weekend. :)


P.S. I was gone for most of this week on vacation, and I just got back from Wisconsin Dells. I'll be posting about our trip later. :)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

a relaxing weekend

Yesterday, I went running with my dog. It was in the 70's. Perfect weather for running. When I came out of work today, the temperature had dropped 30 degrees, and it was chilly. Part of me is longing for summer, but on the other hand, I am looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas even with the cooler weather.

This weekend, we don't have a whole lot planned, but those weekends are kind of my favorite. :) I love my Saturdays when I can bake and read a good book. There's something so wonderful about not having anywhere to go and you can relax on the couch. I'm reading The Clash of the Kings, the second book in the Game of Thrones series. This is by far the best fantasy series I've read, and I have read several before this one.

Other than that, I'm still thinking about how different things will be without my sister living here. Next week, we are going to hang out, and I'm so excited about what we have planned! We're going to a movie on Wednesday. We like to call them "our popcorn movie nights" which means we share a big thing of popcorn, a large pop, and of course watch a good movie... Those nights are one of my favorite past times.

Then on Thursday, we are celebrating her 24th birthday. I love celebrating my family's birthdays, and I want to make this one special for Meg. I'm going to have a hard time saying goodbye, but I am really looking forward to spending time together. Focus on the good things, right?

(Image via: Pinterest)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Naturally, I am a homebody. Bill and I have that in common. We both love being close to our families and having frequent visits. I kind of love that we have that in common.  Bill has never been too far from his family, and I haven't either until this year when my dad moved to Afghanistan to work two weeks after we got married. I wrote about it here. It was really hard for me to have him leave. We became pretty close in the last few years, and I feel like I was missing not just my dad but a friend as well.

There was a part of me that wanted to be strong about having a great distance between us. I tried not to think too much about the dinners that we wouldn't be sharing this year or the movies we wouldn't be able to watch together, or the talks that we wouldn't share. I had plenty of distractions with being a newly wed and all. I had just moved into our house that we are renting, and I had just married my best friend. I love my life. This week, I feel like my attempts at being strong fell through with the news of my sister moving to California. It was almost as if I couldn't handle one more family member moving far away.

I found myself wishing for a feeling of togetherness. I know that plenty of families have parents or siblings move away, but I never really pictured that happening to me. Maybe, I never thought about it, because I didn't want to envision my family living separate lives hours and hours away from each other. I know that people like to say that they keep in touch with Skype, Facebook, or email, but lets face it, communication isn't the same over the internet. I'm in no way mad at my dad or sister. They are doing what they need to do for now. I know we will stay connected even though it is different, but I am and will miss them dearly. I'm hoping I find a new sense of normal if that's possible.

Cookie Cutters as Decoration

Over the weekend, I decided to decorate with the rooster and chicken cookie cutters my mom had recently gave me. I also love decorating with ribbon so I decided to hang them from the decorative coat rack we got in Florida on our honeymoon.

When I'm in the kitchen, I can't help but look over each time and stare at those cute cookie cutters. They make our home seem extra festive!

Thanks, mom! :)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Have a happy weekend.

During my lunch break, I went to my mom's house and walked our family dog, Kitty. I don't usually go home on breaks, but I felt like a very cold walk would help wake me up. Of course, the walk also made Kitty very happy. When we got back, I took the regular Kittle photo shoot that always goes the same way. It starts with Kitty staring intently at something in the neighborhood and then she gets so annoyed by me constantly calling her name to look at me that she FINALLY does look. Then I snap a quick picture and she plops her head down. She gets so exhausted from it all. ha

I followed up the walk this afternoon with a run at night. It still amazes me how good exercise can make me feel. I'm hoping to continue working out through the weekend. This weekend is especially jam packed, and I know it's going to fly by. I am going to a Halloween party on Saturday. This will be the the third year in a row that I've gone to this party with Bill. Each year has been completely different. I'm wondering what this year will bring? ha Also, on Sunday, my mom is having a Sunday dinner. We haven't had a Sunday dinner in a while, and I'm definitely looking forward to this one. We are grilling a bunch of hamburgers and hot dogs. It's the last family cookout of the year. Why does it feel like Winter has already invaded us? haha

What do you have planned for the weekend?

Monday, October 15, 2012

Things I'm loving this Fall

I've been a little MIA lately, but I wanted to share a little about what I'm liking this fall. I always try to remember what I was liking in previous years. Also, it will be fun to see this next year and find out if anything has changed. :) 

I'm still in my financial class, and I must say it has been fun budgeting my money and actually controlling where my money has been going. I have budgeted for all these items, and I'm still continuing to save money. I love a good budget.

The wrap sweater above is one of the best I've owned from Express. It is incredibly soft and serves as blanket when I'm cold. I love it!
 I'm obsessed with chai! I drink it at work with some honey, but I love when I can get home and also add milk to it as well. Bill and I have been having chai at night right before we go to bed. It fills us up and stops any unnecessary snacking.
This chapstick has been my favorite for a couple of years now. My lips feel soft and hydrated. Plus, there is a pink shimmer to it.

What things are you loving lately?

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Thinking about you, sweetie p

Bill a few years before I met him.

It's a Saturday night, and I'm up watching Bridesmaids again. That movie literally never gets old! Bill has been in bed for around 2 hours. Poor guy is recovering from night shift. I'm wishing he was up and we were laughing at all the funny scenes in this movie I'm watching, but I completely understand his need for sleep right now.

I've managed to be somewhat productive by updating our love story. I kept it short and sweet. (I don't like clumping the whole story into one post.) Read about it here.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Meet Ginger. Kevin has the biggest crush. :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hugs from Kevin.

I have probably talked about this before.... I can't get enough of these hugs from Kevin! Who would have thought a duck would hug a person!? ha Kevin also likes to pick through my hair when he gives me a hug. I can't believe how cute he was on Saturday. I'm also a little shocked that he still gives me these hugs, since we got him another duck friend. I'm glad to know he still has time for me. ha I'll introduce to his new friend later today.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall is here.

This weekend, I officially felt like fall is here. I spent the day with my brother-in-law's girlfriend, Colleen. The boys were in Wisconsin for the day at a flea market while we went to the apple orchard where there was the longest line for picking apples I have ever seen! Of course, we weren't going to waste our Sunday in line so we went inside to Kuiper's little shop where we bought cinnamon doughnuts, apple cider, and honey crisp apples. I'm the most excited for the honey crisp apples-they're amazing!

I guess we were in the fall mood after that, since we decided to take pictures of the leaves changing. I especially like the vine on my house with the red leaves. I also caught the rooster about to crow. Just look at his stance! Anyways, I couldn't have had a more relaxing day. We watched Devil Wears Prada, and I blogged some more posts for this week. What did you do this weekend?