Monday, September 10, 2012

last summer fair

On Saturday morning, Bill and I went to the Sandwich fair. I always consider it to be the last summer event. :) We stopped over at his co-worker's house who lives 5 minutes walking distance from the fair fields and chatted with him a little bit. I thought it was the perfect Saturday morning where we could just relax and enjoy each others' company.

This fair is possibly my favorite ever, and I don't even like fairs that much. The produce that we get to see each time is award winning.

 Just look at these gourds and that pumpkin above!
Bill tried his hand at luck. There was this booth with a wheel that if you spun the number that you wanted to land on you got to pick a prize. He picked 25 and then spun the wheel. At the end of the spin, he was about two away from 25, and it slowly turned to 25. I couldn't believe he actually got it! He picked out a squishy cow. We both decided to take pictures with him. 

 The fair felt even more like the last summer event with how cool the weather was... I don't even think it reached the 80's! On another note, my brother is back home from Thailand, and my dad went back to Afghanistan for work. It was good seeing my brother this weekend and getting to hear a little bit about his adventures. I also got to skype with my dad as well. It was a great weekend.

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Leah said...

What a fun outing! I love fairs and festivals and the like. I think I am going to a farmers market this weekend and I'm looking forward to that. Glad you soaked up the last bit of summer!