Friday, September 7, 2012

Four lines before my head hits the keyboard.

Bill and I had a lunch date this week, since he was on night shift. I really don't like when he has to work nights, but I love having lunch during the day with him. We enjoyed some Mexican food for lunch. Normally, I never go out to eat for lunch unless I'm with Bill. I never feel guilty about eating out for lunch when I'm with him, but I'm glad I normally pack my own lunch with plenty of fruits and vegetables.

After lunch, we went to the pond at NIU to find out if the domesticated duck we had seen before was still there, and he was there! He wasn't with his mallard duck friends anymore, but he had new geese friends that hissed at me when I went up to take a quick picture.

I'm think that some college student bought a duck at Farm and Fleet when they had ducks and chickens there in the Spring thinking that they could keep him in their apartment. Bill and I both want to take this poor little duck home with us. :) He'll need a home for the winter. It only makes sense, right?

Happy Friday, everyone!

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