Wednesday, September 19, 2012

financial peace

Last night, my mom and I went to a financial peace class at our church. We had been wanting to take this class for a while now. I learned so much already from the first class-that I know I'm committing to the whole 9 weeks! At the end of the class, we all told a little bit about ourselves and why we decided to come to the class.

When it was my turn, I all the sudden realized I was the only person in their 20's! Everyone else was above forty. Kinda of crazy. Anyways, I have so many plans for this class. When I got married in January, I realized I wanted to be on the same page financially with Bill. He is already the most amazing saver I know. I am striving to be that way. With no debt for either of us, we have no excuse not to save our money. Our main goal is to save for a house. What are your financial goals?

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Leah said...

That sounds like an awesome class! That is one thing I am scared of being on my own is the financials- I feel like I'm not prepared for the real world when it comes to money related things!