Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I love my romantic weekends and relaxing

It's the end of the week, and I'm writing about this past weekend. Ironic, right? I'm having one of those weeks where I'm dreaming of the weekend and relaxing some more. Possibly going to the apple orchard on Saturday. Anyhow, the wedding we went to for Bill's cousin Becky was really beautiful. Oh, I have to mention that Bill and I kind of looked liked we were from the 60's. Bill with his cute hat and my new favorite dress with tweed coat. Just saying. :)

I was able to wear my winter coat at their perfectly fall-themed wedding. They had an outdoor ceremony on a Saturday evening in the first weekend of Fall. It was surprisingly chilly for September, but I'm glad they got to have their wedding outdoors. I love outdoor weddings. We both had so much fun that day. We mingled with each other, had dinner, and danced for hours on end. I felt sore all over the next day and didn't do much of anything.

This week, I've been busy with my financial class and the homework that goes along with it. I have also been running more regularly and feeling better about myself. I love that about exercise. Now, that I have more time, I can't wait to get back to my favorite hobby, writing.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Have a romantic weekend

Last night, I worked out for the first time in a couple of days. I've been sick this week, and my energy is finally coming back. Finally! I ran thirty minutes and did some yoga. I always feel a million times better after exercising. I'm glad I'm finally getting over this cold, since we are going to Bill's cousin's wedding this weekend. Bill and I haven't been to a wedding together since we got married. :) We both can't wait. What are you up to this weekend?

Photo via: We Heart It

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

financial peace

Last night, my mom and I went to a financial peace class at our church. We had been wanting to take this class for a while now. I learned so much already from the first class-that I know I'm committing to the whole 9 weeks! At the end of the class, we all told a little bit about ourselves and why we decided to come to the class.

When it was my turn, I all the sudden realized I was the only person in their 20's! Everyone else was above forty. Kinda of crazy. Anyways, I have so many plans for this class. When I got married in January, I realized I wanted to be on the same page financially with Bill. He is already the most amazing saver I know. I am striving to be that way. With no debt for either of us, we have no excuse not to save our money. Our main goal is to save for a house. What are your financial goals?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What's your opinion on dieting?

Whenever I'm trying to lose a few pounds, I hate referring to my efforts as dieting. Somehow, I always picture myself feeling deprived and binging after a couple of days of deprivation. Ha That's why I was pretty disappointed that Women's Health decided to put the word "diet" on the cover of  their nutrition guide book.

I religiously read Women's Health magazine and have found they promote a healthy lifestyle full of exercise and  good healthy food not dieting on and off for the rest of your life. Thankfully, I've found that their book has the same advice and is packed full of interesting advice, tips, and facts. I can't get enough of it. Want to know the most interesting thing I've learned so far?

In a study that the USDA performed, they found that on any given day an overweight adult ate only one-hundred more calories compared to an adult in a normal weight range. Interesting, right? This book has me hooked.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Closet Therapy

I don't know what happened last week, but I became extremely interested in clearing out all the extra and disregarded clothing from my wardrobe, in order to make room for clothes that I would actually wear on a regular basis. My trip to Ann Taylor might have been the key.

On Labor day weekend, my mom and I did a little shopping, and she mentioned that she wanted to stop in Ann Taylor. I have always shopped at Ann Taylor Loft so I was curious as to how they differed. I'm not sure what you think, but I was completely impressed by the quality of their clothes. The fabric is nicer, and the choices of different shirts by far exceeded the Loft.

I was so impressed with what I saw that I bought one of the dresses that I found on sale. I fell in love with the style of it and how comfortable I felt wearing it. My dress is long but not too long. It's definitely a black jumper style dress with some taupe coloring AND last night, my brother-in-law's girlfriend Colleen told me that she saw my dress on Rachel Ray's Tall Fashion show a couple of days ago. First of all, I couldn't believe the dress that I had picked out was on Rachel Rae's show, and second of all, I was shocked that it was on a show for tall fashion!! At 5'10, I'm a little proud that I picked something out that is perfect for a tall girl.

Here's the dress that Colleen was talking about:

The model in the audience has my dress!! The only difference is my dress doesn't have long sleeves.  They were comparing the lengths of the dresses among other things. Glad I picked a good one for me. :) Ha I don't think this will ever happen to me again, but it sure was nice to see this last night!

As for my closet after this trip to Ann Taylor, I have completely bagged up anything that I haven't worn in 8 months to a year. There is an abundance of room in my closet right now. Shirts are easier than ever to pick out now that I have all blouses and cardigans organized by color. If you haven't tried organizing by color you should! It also definitely gave me an idea of what I already have too much of in my wardrobe.

Here is my newly organized and revamped closet:

 Looks like I have enough purple and black clothing to last me a life time... haha How do you have your closet organized?


Monday, September 10, 2012

last summer fair

On Saturday morning, Bill and I went to the Sandwich fair. I always consider it to be the last summer event. :) We stopped over at his co-worker's house who lives 5 minutes walking distance from the fair fields and chatted with him a little bit. I thought it was the perfect Saturday morning where we could just relax and enjoy each others' company.

This fair is possibly my favorite ever, and I don't even like fairs that much. The produce that we get to see each time is award winning.

 Just look at these gourds and that pumpkin above!
Bill tried his hand at luck. There was this booth with a wheel that if you spun the number that you wanted to land on you got to pick a prize. He picked 25 and then spun the wheel. At the end of the spin, he was about two away from 25, and it slowly turned to 25. I couldn't believe he actually got it! He picked out a squishy cow. We both decided to take pictures with him. 

 The fair felt even more like the last summer event with how cool the weather was... I don't even think it reached the 80's! On another note, my brother is back home from Thailand, and my dad went back to Afghanistan for work. It was good seeing my brother this weekend and getting to hear a little bit about his adventures. I also got to skype with my dad as well. It was a great weekend.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Four lines before my head hits the keyboard.

Bill and I had a lunch date this week, since he was on night shift. I really don't like when he has to work nights, but I love having lunch during the day with him. We enjoyed some Mexican food for lunch. Normally, I never go out to eat for lunch unless I'm with Bill. I never feel guilty about eating out for lunch when I'm with him, but I'm glad I normally pack my own lunch with plenty of fruits and vegetables.

After lunch, we went to the pond at NIU to find out if the domesticated duck we had seen before was still there, and he was there! He wasn't with his mallard duck friends anymore, but he had new geese friends that hissed at me when I went up to take a quick picture.

I'm think that some college student bought a duck at Farm and Fleet when they had ducks and chickens there in the Spring thinking that they could keep him in their apartment. Bill and I both want to take this poor little duck home with us. :) He'll need a home for the winter. It only makes sense, right?

Happy Friday, everyone!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

a fun little getaway

This past weekend, we went on a little getaway to Port Washington, Wisconsin. Sunday night, we went to a quaint Italian restaurant called Mamma Mia's. The food was amazing. We both got the lasagna with the soup and salad. Everything was homemade including the large pieces of garlic bread. It couldn't have been better. Monday morning, we decided to explore the harbor a little bit more. We both agreed we were itching for a real vacation after enjoying a lazy morning walking down to the light house, a cinnamon roll from the cafe across from our hotel, and laying in the grass enjoying the view of the harbor.We enjoyed our time off so much so that are next vacation to a different part of Wisconsin is already planned. There's nothing like a day off to inspire you. :)