Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Do you prefer indoor or outdoor pets?

I'm feeling a little bit foolish to have introduced you to our beloved ducks. Remember, how I was telling you that are black duck Ernie likes to fly out his protected cage? Well, on Saturday night, we were about thirty minutes late in locking them in their cage, and Ernie flew out and decided to walk down the street. Poor Bill found him along the side of the road. We're taking comfort in that he didn't suffer long or at all.

When I got home that night Ernie died, I told Bill I was done with having any farm animals. The pain is too great when your pet that you fed, watered, and loved each day is suddenly gone. I hate that feeling. It seems to happen more frequently with farm or outdoor animals in general. It makes sense. No matter what you do to secure their living arrangements or protect them from themselves, they are more likely to get hurt outside than they are inside.

I would really like to get a puppy like my family dog, but I haven't for a couple of reasons. I don't know I want that kind of responsibility of having to be home at a certain time each day to let them out, and plus, Bill isn't thrilled about having an animal eating, playing, and sleeping in our living space. So, that leaves us with farm animals. We still have our little baby, Kevin. We sat outside with him today while we ate our dinner. He roamed around eating all the grass he desired, and occasionally, he would try to pick up another nut. He cannot resist the nuts on the ground even though there is no way he can chew or swallow them. Funny duck.

I'm feeling the need to find Kevin another friend. What are your thoughts on indoor or outdoor pets? Have you ever had an outdoor pet?

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