Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cleaning House

This week has gone by pretty fast for me, and I can't believe it's already Thursday. I've kept myself busy by running and working out, getting together with my best friend, and cleaning our extra bedroom. I'm so excited to see that room clean. It has gone through periods of being clean when Bill sorted through his stuff that we had left there when we redid the other room to make it into our bedroom. When I moved in, all of my extra  bags, shoes, wallets, random crap, and other miscellaneous stuff was left in that room.

I'm proud to say that I have two bags of garbage in the room all packaged up and one bag that is ready to be dropped off for donation. Although, I won't be donating anything yet until I have at least several more bags ready to leave my house. I'm also planning on getting a bigger bookshelf for the room and a fan. We already bought a futon for the room. I can't wait to have an extra room in the house and make better use of the space we have.

 There's something great about being organized...


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