Friday, August 31, 2012


Hey Dad, can we pleassse skype tonight/morning?

That is basically what my email consisted of when my brother and dad emailed me pics of their Tiger Temple experience. They are in Thailand right now, and my dad has a cousin who lives there, and apparently, they are getting the royal treatment. I'm pretty jealous, but at the same time, I'm happy for them. It's really fun hearing about all their traveling. The pictures above are from a Tiger Temple that they visited. I couldn't believe the photos when I saw them, but the tigers have to be sedated... There's no other way for them to be that close, right??

I still think it's crazy that I can talk to them and feel like it's face to face when they're on the other side of the world with a twelve-hour time difference. Thank you, skype!! They both got to see Bill cleaning his car getting ready for the weekend, and even Ophelia, Bill's family dog, came over and visited with me.  ha It was a great start to my week.

We are planning on a few different things with lots of time to hang out together. I'll probably take more pictures than what's necessary, but at least we will be having fun together. (:I'm also looking forward to a lazy Saturday where I will hopefully finish reading the first Game of Thrones book, finish cleaning and organizing my hall closet, and accomplish the few errands I need to run for this weekend. What are your plans?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Do you prefer indoor or outdoor pets?

I'm feeling a little bit foolish to have introduced you to our beloved ducks. Remember, how I was telling you that are black duck Ernie likes to fly out his protected cage? Well, on Saturday night, we were about thirty minutes late in locking them in their cage, and Ernie flew out and decided to walk down the street. Poor Bill found him along the side of the road. We're taking comfort in that he didn't suffer long or at all.

When I got home that night Ernie died, I told Bill I was done with having any farm animals. The pain is too great when your pet that you fed, watered, and loved each day is suddenly gone. I hate that feeling. It seems to happen more frequently with farm or outdoor animals in general. It makes sense. No matter what you do to secure their living arrangements or protect them from themselves, they are more likely to get hurt outside than they are inside.

I would really like to get a puppy like my family dog, but I haven't for a couple of reasons. I don't know I want that kind of responsibility of having to be home at a certain time each day to let them out, and plus, Bill isn't thrilled about having an animal eating, playing, and sleeping in our living space. So, that leaves us with farm animals. We still have our little baby, Kevin. We sat outside with him today while we ate our dinner. He roamed around eating all the grass he desired, and occasionally, he would try to pick up another nut. He cannot resist the nuts on the ground even though there is no way he can chew or swallow them. Funny duck.

I'm feeling the need to find Kevin another friend. What are your thoughts on indoor or outdoor pets? Have you ever had an outdoor pet?

Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday again?

I have to admit I'm relieved it's Friday.  I was tired all week, since I haven't been getting enough sleep. I can't wait to sleep in a little bit longer on Saturday! Anyways, I promised pictures of our little ducks and here they are! We just love these little guys. Kevin is the bigger white duck eating out of my hand in the last picture, and Ernie is the black duck carefully watching Kevin. Bill finished securing their cage last Saturday, and they have been so excited in the morning to explore the bigger part of their cage. They particularly like drinking a bunch of water and digging holes. I never knew ducks liked to dig holes, but for these guys, it's one of their favorite past times.

We have a slight problem with their cage though. Ernie, the black one, likes to fly the coop at dusk. It's happened these past two nights. Bill and I go out their around 8:00p.m. to lock them up so they're completely secure from any hungry coyotes, and we find Ernie walking around outside of his cage. We both can't believe he can fly out of this cage. We didn't think there was enough room for take off. Apparently, there is more than enough. ha

After work today, we are going out to eat and buying some netting to go over the top of the cage. I can't stand the thought of Ernie becoming a snack for any wild animal. I can't wait to relax after work and hang out with Bill. I might make banana bread if I'm feeling ambitious. We'll see. On Saturday, my mom, me, and my sister are going up to Wisconsin to visit a friend who we haven't seen in a while! I can't wait to all hang out together. We're planning on making calzones and hanging out by the pool. Oh, I forgot to mention that I'm saying goodbye to my brother for 10 days. He will be on an eighteen hour flight today to Thailand with a 3 hour layover in Hong Kong! My dad invited him to go on vacation with him, and I'm personally a little jealous. hah I can't wait to see all of his pictures when he gets home.

What are you up to this weekend?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sweet Little Genevieve's Baptism

I feel like I have been saying goodbye to summer these last twelve days... There's been a break in the temperature. We went from having 90 degree weather to the mid 70's. I'm not complaining completely, but I feel sad to see the really hot summery days leave us. This past weekend helped me forget about it though. :)

On Saturday, we went to our niece, Genevieve's baptism. It was the first time that me and Bill were God Parents together, and it was my first time ever being a God Parent. It was a really special and intimate baptism with just friends and family. We got to the church a little before 10a.m., and soon after that we were all standing in the foyer. The first part of the baptism was there in the foyer, and then we went inside the sanctuary where sweet little Genvieve was baptized. I loved being God Parents with Billy.

That night, I went to a bachelorette party for Bill's first cousin who I have become friends with. I had a great time hanging out with her, her friends and sister, and my sister-in-laws. There was a challenge that we had to complete, and I probably spent more time laughing and being amused than anything else. :) I surprisingly got 7 hours of sleep that night after we came home at 3:00a.m. and was able to really enjoy the play that we went to with Bill's parents on Sunday. We saw a show called Guys and Dolls. It's probably ten years behind Mad Men. Of course, I tried to relate it to Mad Men, since I've been obsessed with watching it lately. We went to a local winery afterwards where we ordered white fruit flavored wine at the table, and I had my usual steak. I love the food there.

Oh, I forgot to mention the surprise that was waiting for me Saturday morning. It was a wonderful surprise... Bill had finished our duck run the night before so that they would have more room outside to wander around in during the day. I can't wait to post pictures of it and introduce you to Kevin and Ernie. Believe it or not, we didn't originally name either of them! ha Who couldn't love a duck named Kevin or Ernie? haha

Happy Wednesday!


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Plans And Things

I have had a lot of thinking and alone time this week, since Bill is on night shift. I hate night shift, but I have been productive with all my extra time. This week, I have run more with my dog, Kitty and read more of the Game of Thrones. I'm on the first book and four hundred and some odd pages into it. I couldn't be happier that I started reading this series.

Besides all that, I am so thrilled that our plans to go to Europe are looking more real these days. With that said, I don't think I have ever written about this on my blog! We decided last year that we wanted to go to Europe before we didn't have as much time in our lives, and it all seemed great. I realized this week, that we needed help getting started. We have countries that we want to visit, but I felt like we needed some advice. Yesterday, I called a travel agency and booked a meeting with their expert. :) I feel like this is finally happening. I can't wait to meet with Dee Dee, our travel agent.

I'll reveal more about our upcoming trip in a later post. Have you ever used a travel agency for a trip of yours? What was your experience?

Image via: Pinterest

Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy Friday All!

Last night, I feel asleep in my bed before 10:00p.m.! It was wonderful! Right now, I actually feel like I've had more energy in the morning than I usually ever do. Thank you sleep.

Are you wondering where my picture is from? That would be my grandparents on my mom's side. I recently spent a couple hours scanning old pictures from Grandpas album. He had passed away in May, and I wanted to have all the pictures I could get. Unfortunately, I didn't find any of my mom, but I really liked this one with my grandparents when they were young. This was before kids, and I'm pretty sure that they are engaged in this picture. I love the way that they are looking at each other and my grandma's cat eye glasses. Wonder if those will ever come back in style?

Anyways, I thought it would make me cheerier for Friday. What are your plans for the weekend? Bill and I are hanging out tonight and possibly cooking dinner together. He has been on night shift this week, and I have missed him a lot. He has Fridays off, but he somehow still manages to work a forty-eight hour work week in four days! It sounds painful just saying it. On Saturday, we are going to the Steam Show. Last year, we didn't go, because we got engaged that Saturday. You can read about it here and here. I know I will be doing a little reminiscing this weekend. See you, Monday!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cleaning House

This week has gone by pretty fast for me, and I can't believe it's already Thursday. I've kept myself busy by running and working out, getting together with my best friend, and cleaning our extra bedroom. I'm so excited to see that room clean. It has gone through periods of being clean when Bill sorted through his stuff that we had left there when we redid the other room to make it into our bedroom. When I moved in, all of my extra  bags, shoes, wallets, random crap, and other miscellaneous stuff was left in that room.

I'm proud to say that I have two bags of garbage in the room all packaged up and one bag that is ready to be dropped off for donation. Although, I won't be donating anything yet until I have at least several more bags ready to leave my house. I'm also planning on getting a bigger bookshelf for the room and a fan. We already bought a futon for the room. I can't wait to have an extra room in the house and make better use of the space we have.

 There's something great about being organized...


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Floating Flowers

A couple weeks ago, Bill showed me his first pictures he ever took with a digital camera. These are the ones! I still can't believe how good they are. He said his family got their first digital camera in 2002, and the first pictures he ever took with the camera were of these floating flowers in his mom's pond!

I was seriously impressed. I love that he took pictures of these gorgeous flowers the first chance he could get.
They almost look more fake when they are open. I can't believe how detailed they are inside. The middle part almost looks like it is from a cartoon movie.
What do you think?