Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Reception Part II - Fun Family Photos

Even though I love our wedding photos (nothing can top those memories and the view!), I feel like I gained some awesome memories from our reception. I adore that picture above with my sister, Megan on the left and my mom on the right. I like that we have a current picture of all three us all dressed up together.

 My sister, Megan and I.
I'm a huge fan of this picture. I feel like it expresses how much we love each other. I recently came across some pictures of my grandparents when they were either engaged or newlywed and they have a similar picture. They look so in love. Also, I really like how the colors look faded.
My dad and I. :) I still think about how glad I am he was able to come back for the reception. I miss him so much and can't believe how weird it is to have him living in another country. I'm praying that he stays safe. I can't wait for the day where he is living in the states again, but for now, I'm thankful he has this adventure.
Bill and I with his two sisters and brother! Both of his sisters had their babies. We're experiencing (or at least I am for the first time) what it's like to have happy, cute babies around. Everything is pretty much ADORABLE.
This a close up of me and Bill from a family photo.

 My brother, Phil and I.
Meg, me, Dad, and Phil. We're a tall bunch.

I'm so glad I got to have these pictures on my blog. I'm posting my decorations and cake pictures next. I loved how the all of it turned out for the reception, and I can't help but show it off a little bit.

Have a good Tuesday!! Photobucket

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R. W. High said...

What a blast - both the rest of these pictures and your weekend! PLEASE let's hang out before I head back to LA!