Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bill's Birthday.

Yesterday for Bill's birthday, we had breakfast for dinner at his parent's house. There was waffles with ice cream, cinnamon rolls with amazing cream cheese frosting, red velvet cake, eggs, bacon, and pineapple. Bill really loves breakfast and would have it for all three meals on a regular basis if he could.

I think the cutest part about yesterday was when I came home, and one of the first things that Bill said was, "You have to get ready quick. I'm excited about my birthday." He is so freakin adorable sometimes.

Later that night, we roasted bread cheese and some marshmallows. We ate them separately of course. My mom and brother came over and hung out with Bill's family and us. I had a great time sitting around the fire with everyone. Bill had a great birthday.


2 Sweet Notes:

Jenna said...

Happy birthday to Bill! :) It always makes me smile thinking about breakfast for dinner. Something is so fun about it!

R. W. High said...

I love Bill (and you!) sooooo much. I'm so glad he had a great birthday - what a delicious-sounding meal! Hope you got to eat the non-breakfasty things ;)