Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Burnt banana bread

What I want. Not what I have. :)

Sunday was one of those really blah days. The night before we had gone to Bill's high school reunion, and I ended up being exhausted the next day. It wasn't that his reunion was so tiring, I just felt blah. I decided to make banana bread that afternoon and completely botched it. haha If you believe it, that has never happened to me!! I was pretty disappointed. I have three bananas that are all ready for me to try again, but I haven't attempted it yet.

Last night, I decided to forget about the banana bread and start cooking/baking again. I had no need to remember the bread that never cooked and was dare I say liquid after cooking in the oven for forty minutes. Ugh, I hate even writing that.

I decided to make dinner and ended up having an amazing salad with cucumbers from my mom's garden, carrots, turkey, and feta cheese. It hit the spot. Then, I baked some blueberry muffins that are to die for. Here is the recipe. Somehow, after making really easy muffins, I decided that I can bake again. One mistake that I can't figure out for the life of me, doesn't break that.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bill's Birthday.

Yesterday for Bill's birthday, we had breakfast for dinner at his parent's house. There was waffles with ice cream, cinnamon rolls with amazing cream cheese frosting, red velvet cake, eggs, bacon, and pineapple. Bill really loves breakfast and would have it for all three meals on a regular basis if he could.

I think the cutest part about yesterday was when I came home, and one of the first things that Bill said was, "You have to get ready quick. I'm excited about my birthday." He is so freakin adorable sometimes.

Later that night, we roasted bread cheese and some marshmallows. We ate them separately of course. My mom and brother came over and hung out with Bill's family and us. I had a great time sitting around the fire with everyone. Bill had a great birthday.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

happy to be with my love.

We have a lot to celebrate here! Bill's birthday is today! Tonight we are going to have breakfast for dinner with Bill's family. Homemade waffles with vanilla ice cream and red velvet cake.

I actually made the red velvet cake this year! There are lots of steps, but it's not super hard. It does take a while to make though... Bill absolutely loves this cake so I'm glad I got to make it for him!

I love that I'm lucky enough to spend my life with you, Bill! Happy Birthday, sweetiepea!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Our Wedding Reception Decorations

Happy Friday!

I'm a little excited for the weekend to be here. I can't wait to do some of the things I've been thinking about this week like finishing more of the Game of Thrones trilogy. I'm on the first book. That book is so far AMAZING.

I thought today was the perfect day to post the wedding decorations that we had at our reception in June.

We decorated Ball jars with lace and tied a bow around them with suede twine and ribbon. There are sea shells and a votive candle inside. This is by far my favorite decoration from that day.

Cake! Bill and I went to Blue Goose to order our cake. He let me pick everything out. It was so much fun deciding what kind of cake to get and what color I wanted the flowers to be on it.
The topper is my favorite. We have it on display at our house.

This wine was actually really good, but I must admit I went for wine that had an interesting name on it with a pretty design.
The wooden chairs added something very country to our reception. They were great for our day.
We went around and tied tool and ribbon to the trees lining the driveway. I thought it was a nice touch.

Here we are taking a water break after we had finished taking pictures. We couldn't have had a better day for the reception. It was nice having something close so our friends and family who couldn't be at the wedding could celebrate with us.

Later that night, a group of us was dancing, and we even got to slow dance again. It was perfect end to the day.



Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Reception Part II - Fun Family Photos

Even though I love our wedding photos (nothing can top those memories and the view!), I feel like I gained some awesome memories from our reception. I adore that picture above with my sister, Megan on the left and my mom on the right. I like that we have a current picture of all three us all dressed up together.

 My sister, Megan and I.
I'm a huge fan of this picture. I feel like it expresses how much we love each other. I recently came across some pictures of my grandparents when they were either engaged or newlywed and they have a similar picture. They look so in love. Also, I really like how the colors look faded.
My dad and I. :) I still think about how glad I am he was able to come back for the reception. I miss him so much and can't believe how weird it is to have him living in another country. I'm praying that he stays safe. I can't wait for the day where he is living in the states again, but for now, I'm thankful he has this adventure.
Bill and I with his two sisters and brother! Both of his sisters had their babies. We're experiencing (or at least I am for the first time) what it's like to have happy, cute babies around. Everything is pretty much ADORABLE.
This a close up of me and Bill from a family photo.

 My brother, Phil and I.
Meg, me, Dad, and Phil. We're a tall bunch.

I'm so glad I got to have these pictures on my blog. I'm posting my decorations and cake pictures next. I loved how the all of it turned out for the reception, and I can't help but show it off a little bit.

Have a good Tuesday!! Photobucket

Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy Monday

I have been running through the different things we did this weekend in my mind this morning. I got to try two new restaurants. On Friday, we tried the Ale house in Geneva. I tried a new beer that was really good. It was way lighter and sweeter than Bill's darker thicker beer. We went out with his brother and his brother's girlfriend. That night I also discovered that my favorite popcorn place isn't closed-they moved!

Saturday, we went to Wild Fire where we used one of our Lettuce Entertain You gift certificates. I'm thinking that might become one of my favorites. I tried the Jazzy Reds, a flight of wine. My favorite was the B.V. Coastal Estates Pinot Noir. Bill and I both agreed we wanted to find that wine to have at our house.

To top the weekend off, we went on a bike ride/run on Sunday and went swimming immediately afterwards in his parents pool. We ran a few errands and came back to the house to relax before going to my mom's for dinner. We had some visitors come over that day too. I kept hearing the doorbell ring, but when I opened the door no one was there. ha The second or third time, I looked to the side and found 2 little nieces. haha I guess I'm not used to having little ones at the door. They were really cute and hung out with us for a while. At one point, they pulled our bigger purple blanket over our bed, and I showed them my iPad, and they were mesmerized. It was adorable seeing the two of them quietly looking at it. I love having these kind of weekends.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Our Wedding Reception: Couple Photos

Because I couldn't wait any longer.

I don't know why it took me so long to post these pictures from our reception. I absolutely love some of them. I must say that I have some new favorites from that day. In the morning, my mom and I went to go get the cake that I had ordered and the salads that she had ordered for the reception. I had a great time hanging out with her. We have a close relationship, and I can't imagine planning for that day without her. After we got back from picking up those two different things and stopping at Trader Joe's and Fresh Market for sunflowers and roses, we dropped it off at the farm and I ran to get ready for our little photo shoot.

I slapped on some make up and threw my hair up in a ponytail. Our couple pictures still turned out OK, since no one could tell my hair was in a ponytail with my veil, plus I like think my bangs helped me look halfway decent. Of course, Bill looked good and handsome. :)

Our two oldest neices holding a picture frame to "frame" us kissing. In the other pictures, they are peeking through the frame to find out what were doing. *Cuties.*

(I still can't get over the fact that we now have 6 neices and one nephew!! 
They are all on Bill's side but still!! 
We love them!)

This is possibly one picture that I stared at for a while. I love how happy we look together. I am so in love with my husband. Isn't he handsome?

A few people have told us to blow this picture up and frame it for our living room. It's funny because before anyone ever said that I had thought about doing exactly that. 

We didn't know how it would turn out for us to pose laying down, but this picture is so sweet. I don't see many wedding pictures where the bride and groom our laying in the grass. PLUS, the trees and rocks are a perfect background in this picture.

Ahhh the kissing pictures. This is by far my favorite of the slew of kissing pics. No one ever really tells you how awkward it is to kiss for a photographer, but after the fifteenth kiss who can't help but dive in and really kiss their husband?? I know I did.

I like this one especially since I can see Bill smiling or at least I think I can tell that by his eyes. What a cutie.

P.S. I'm going to share more couple photos and family photos from the reception next.



Monday, July 2, 2012

hiatus during the week.

I know I'm not the only one who doesn't think that it's weird that the fourth of July falls on a Wednesday this year. At first, I was feeling all bummed about it and wishing that we could just have a long weekend instead. Now, I'm actually really looking forward to it. My in laws are having a party Tuesday after work. Everyone is making something for dinner, and they're camping outside. I don't know whether or not I'll be sleeping outside with the weather being in the 90's. I might head back home and sleep in my own bed, but we'll see. I have started baking for it though, and I'm really excited about our little hiatus during the week.

On another note, Bill and I watched the Bachelorette, and I'm really wondering who Emily ends up with. I usually have a clue, but not this time. Did I mention, I feel really lucky that Bill will watch this show with me? :) I love that. I feel like we're already on vacation with the fun night we had tonight and anticipation I feel for having Wednesday off from work. Let the relaxation begin.

Oh, I can't forget all the thank you cards I have left to write still.

Better get back to that first.