Tuesday, June 5, 2012

thoughts on my 25th birthday

Today I turn 25... 25!? I thought I would feel bad that I'm getting older, but I actually don't mind adding another year to my age. I have had another year with my family and friends. I got married this past year to my husband Bill. What could be better than that?

I woke up today, and I'm still sick. I have hay fever that won't go away. My sinuses are packed, and I'm completely congested even my asthma is starting to act up. I'm just taking it easy. I was really sad that I had to cancel my plans for today, but I was very happy to have it already rescheduled. I took Friday off and can't wait to spend it with family.

Since, I'm sick, and I don't feel like doing much I thought I would write about something very dear to my heart. I know I already mentioned in a post that my Grandpa passed, but I haven't yet had the time to write about what he experienced and what me, my mom, and my aunt also experienced with him the day before he died.

My aunt Amy, my mom, and I were siting next to my Grandpa who was resting in his hospital bed. He wasn't being extremely talkative, but my aunt could tell he wanted to communicate so she gave him oxygen. My Grandpa was able to talk to us more. At one point, he looked like he was talking to someone. My mom asked him who he was talking to, and he responded with, "Jesus." It was so sweet to hear him say that. He seemed at peace.

My mom asked him if he wanted her to read from the Bible, and he told her, "They expect you to." That was his immediate response. My aunt nudged me right away, and we both looked at each other in shock. I know he must have felt so connected to God and was talking with him. How else can someone explain his automatic response? I felt so blessed to witness him feeling a closeness with Jesus.

A little while after that, he was looking towards the corner of the room. His attention was fixated on it. He started to smile and look more intently. My mom asked him what he was seeing, and he said, "Don't you see their wings?" I feel like all of us got goose bumps when we heard him say that. I know I did. Grandpa was so happy and even giggled at one point, because he couldn't contain his joy.

He was seeing angels. I truly believe that with my whole heart and mind. I know that God was preparing him to enter into his kingdom. He gave my Grandpa a gift that I know not many people receive. In giving him that gift, God also blessed me, my mom, and my aunt by being able to witness how he felt when he saw those angels and to know from him that is what he was seeing. That day, I experienced something so wonderful. When I think about it, I find so much comfort knowing that God comforts us. He is there to take care of us even though we aren't perfect. He loves us.

His love is the best gift I will ever receive. I am forever thankful.

2 Sweet Notes:

kristyn ellen said...

Happy birthday to you! That is so sweet about your grandpa, how comforting to see him like that.

Hope you get to feeling better!

Fran said...

Happy birthday!!