Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Photos from Afghanistan.

My dad has been calling me a couple times a week when we he gets a chance. It's usually around 9p.m. here in Illinois and 5a.m. in Afghanistan when we talk. I always get happy when he calls me. I can't believe I actually feel OK with him living and working there now. I've learned to accept it. In a couple of ways, I really think it's been a good choice.

He has also emailed me several pictures that he took within the first month of living there. :)
This isn't his tent, but his looks similar. It has heating and air conditioning. Thank God. It's in the 90's right now. It sounds bad, but my dad was saying it's not that bad yet since there's no humidity.

My dad with a few of the Afghanistan workers.

Some of the refrigeration units he's works on daily. I don't have pictures of the other units he works on though.

This truck is insane. I've never seen anything like it. When I first saw this picture, I kept staring at it.

I'm hoping to get on track with my writing. I've been completely distracted with a few different things. We're planning a June wedding reception, and I'm sending out the invitations tomorrow. I can't wait to have that done. :)

Till the next time I write...

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R. W. High said...

That is awesome! Your dad is having the experience of a lifetime--loved the pic of him and his Afghani friends as well as the snow-covered mountains and the accompanying description that the temperature is in the 90s, haha. Awesome that you get to talk to him on the phone regularly as well. Please give him my best if you remember!