Monday, April 23, 2012

they grow up so fast.

This evening, I planted the hostas and the autumn sedum that my mom gave me after she split plants on Sunday. It was my first time planting in my new yard. I had seven different plants that I transplanted-it was a surprisingly good workout!

I also visited the ducks and the chickens. I'm trying to take pictures of them each week, since they grow so fast. They have already changed a lot. The ducks are 10x bigger than when we first got them, and the chickens are cute little fluff balls. Aren't they adorable? I love these little guys.


Sunday, April 22, 2012

a sweet spring treat.

Last Sunday, I was shopping with my mom at Costco, and I came across this recipe binder that had blank recipe cards in it. I was slightly intrigued when I saw it, and even more so, when I noticed that it was only $11.50! It was a bargain that I couldn't pass up.

I have always been intimidated by big recipe books, because I have a hard time deciding which recipe to pick. I decided with the book that I got I am going to fill it with all of my favorite recipies. I already have 6 in there, and I'm looking for more to test for my book.

Today, Bill and I made rhubarb pie with a creamy filling. It's his grandmother's recipe that his mom uses as well. I remember when I first tried it two years ago. I loved it. This one definitely made the book.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Photos from Afghanistan.

My dad has been calling me a couple times a week when we he gets a chance. It's usually around 9p.m. here in Illinois and 5a.m. in Afghanistan when we talk. I always get happy when he calls me. I can't believe I actually feel OK with him living and working there now. I've learned to accept it. In a couple of ways, I really think it's been a good choice.

He has also emailed me several pictures that he took within the first month of living there. :)
This isn't his tent, but his looks similar. It has heating and air conditioning. Thank God. It's in the 90's right now. It sounds bad, but my dad was saying it's not that bad yet since there's no humidity.

My dad with a few of the Afghanistan workers.

Some of the refrigeration units he's works on daily. I don't have pictures of the other units he works on though.

This truck is insane. I've never seen anything like it. When I first saw this picture, I kept staring at it.

I'm hoping to get on track with my writing. I've been completely distracted with a few different things. We're planning a June wedding reception, and I'm sending out the invitations tomorrow. I can't wait to have that done. :)

Till the next time I write...

Monday, April 9, 2012

A day with the fam.

Sunday was an absolutely jam packed day! In the morning, we all went to church to celebrate Jesus's resurrection. I really liked the songs we sang at church. Oh, I also got to meet my sister's friend's baby. She is the cutest little baby. I loved holding her. :) What a sweetie. After church, we had a few hours before we left to see my Grandpa at the hospital.

He has been in the hospital these past couple of days and was released today. I've written about him before in another post, but he has had cancer for a while and this last week he had a heart attack. I'm glad that he is still with us. We had a good visit, but it was hard to see my Grandpa like that. I didn't grow up seeing him all my life, but I still care about him a lot. My mom handled it well-even though it's incredibly difficult seeing her dad sick. He really appreciated us coming to visit him though.

We celebrated Easter with my mom's boyfriend's family. They had a big Easter egg hunt that a lot of families participated in on Sunday. Bill and I walked around and lazily picked up pieces of candy. I think we looked a bit apathetic, but we did try to find the bigger gifts in the trees. Although, we didn't find any. :( After dinner, we went home and pretty much went straight to bed. It was a good day.


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter with the Jun's family.

We celebrated Easter with the Juns family today at his sister Tracie's house. I made challah to bring over for lunch and there was so many delicious things there.  Everyone went all out, and I had cheese and crackers, vegetables with dip, and an assortment of other desserts to snack on before our dinner.

The girls got to go on an Easter egg hunt outside. Their uncles Bill and Tom had hid the eggs for them, and afterwards, they sat up in the their little tree house and ate the candy that they had found. It was really cute watching them sit at the table in the tree house and contentedly eat their candy.

After dinner, we hung out outside and visited our ducks who are by our house now. They are growing so quickly-it's like they double in size in a week! I'm kind of wondering what it will be like to have them when they are full grown. Hopefully, they will be just as cute? Hmm Time will tell. Anyways, I was kind of disappointed that we don't have our rooster and chicken in the shed anymore, since we had to move the ducks over here. I'm going to miss the rooster. It was always so fun to see him walking around and looking at me when he wanted food. It might be a little strange that I got attached to a rooster. haha

We were surprised with a wedding gift from Bill's Aunt Ruth later in the afternoon. She got us a framed picture with a quote printed on it. It's a really beautiful picture of a field with smaller trees in the background with a large tree on the left side. The colors int the picture are all really warm. I has a good quote for newlyweds. We brought the present inside and got to show her our house and the painting we've done to the rooms. I feel like our house is new with all the cleaning and painting we've done.

It's a satisfying feeling.


Monday, April 2, 2012

March came and went.

March was a really good month-even with all the different changes going on in my life. Just a recap: In January I got married! Very good change. My dad moved to Afghanistan in February for a full-time job as a contract. Which is going good. Thank God! I switched positions at my job right after we came back from our honeymoon and started working as a proofreader, a job that I really like.

I normally do not do that well with transitions, but I feel like so many good things have happened to me lately that it's making it really easy. We have been having a lot of fun together. I feel so blessed to have Bill in my life.

This month, we got our chickens and ducks that are so incredibly cute! They have grown so much in the past. I was shocked at how at the size of the ducks-they grow so fast. Earlier in the month, we took our neices Reese and Lanie to the Brookfield zoo.

They were so adorable and so excited to see all the animals. They kept running to each new animal along the way. They couldn't get enough of all the cool things to see at the zoo. My favorite parts were the penguins and the Living Sea. We went out to eat with them at Luigi's House. They were really well behaved. I think we were pretty brave considering we had never brought little kids to a restaurant before.

Other than that, we had some of the warmest weather we have had in a long time. It was in the 80's for a couple of weeks. I took advantage of it by going running on my favorite trail with my puppy, Kittle, and my sister. We had nights where we would grill out, and we started having regular Sunday dinners with my family. A big highlight of my week for sure.

I love being married. :)