Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Wish List

I feel like a major slacker, since I didn't post this yesterday. Anyways, some of you may know, I did my first guest post at Leah's blog, An Oridnary Fairytale. You can read about it here. I brainstormed a few things on my wish list that I would love to get this year. Hope you enjoy it! I love Leah's blog-she always post something really engaging. Go check her blog out. :)

What's to come later this week:

+ Thoughts on packing & moving in general.
+ Move in purchases.
+ Christmas plans!
+ What I've been baking.
+ Thoughts on weight lifting, yoga, & running.


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1 Sweet Notes:

Leah said...

You're so sweet Natalie- Thanks again for guest posting! :) Can't wait to read more this week.