Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011

Hey blog friends! Wow, time has gone by fast. I've been thinking about Christmas the last few days, and I wanted to give a bit of a review. I don't remember everything I did last Christmas, and I don't want that to happen this year. ;)

This year, I had one of the busiest Christmas weekends in a long time. We celebrated the holiday with Bill's family on Friday by having dinner together and exchanging gifts after. Everyone has one person that they buy a couple of presents for each year. It's kind of fun getting a different person each year to buy for. Plus, it's less overwhelming to get a present for one person rather than the whole family. Bill has a lot of family members, and they're is two more on the way. There's a lot going on, and it's definitely an exciting time. The next day we celebrated Christmas eve with my mom's boyfriend's family. Also, we went to my dad's on Christmas day and had a good time hanging out together. It was busier than probably any Christmas I've had before, but that's OK. That's why I looked forward to this weekend the most. Where I could stay home and bake and relax.

Bill and I don't have big plans for New Years, and I actually don't mind this year. We'll probably stay home, cook and bake, and hang out with family. It's going to be a good new years! What are your plans?


2 Sweet Notes:

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

Aw! It sounds like you had a very lovely Christmas. Me and my boyfriend are going to the movies and then we're just hanging out with my family. :)

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Rebecca said...

That sounds lovely :) I didn't do anything for New Years either. Happy New Year!