Saturday, November 19, 2011

We found our color!

Last night, Bill and I met up for dinner after I finished working out at the gym. We went to Panera-where I worked for nine months after I graduated from college. He always thinks I know all of their secrets since I worked there, which I will say I know some of them... haha It was fun explaining to him how they prepare their food and where things come from. Anyways, after we ate, we went to Menards to pick out paint color for our room!

Painting our room has been on my mind since we first talked about it. Well.... I know I posted we were going to paint the room purple, but we decided against it. So many of the purple shades would end up looking grey. I never thought that until I held it away from myself or put the paint chip in the dark. That is basically how we tested what colors would be good. We held several different paint chips underneath a shelve so it was in the dark to find out what the color was going to look like in dark light. It worked out pretty well for testing colors.

Honestly, I didn't know if we were going to find the right color last night. We searched through all the pinks, purples, and in between colors they had. That's until I picked up this brochure that I hadn't seen. I immediately fell in love with this berry/wine color. The pamphlet had this beautiful color of paint called chilled wine. Bill thought it would be too dark on the walls, and we ended up opting for the shade lighter, called wild berry. It's funny because the wild berry looked more like the paint in the photo. Ahhh.... It's gorgeous!! I have a feeling it's going to make our room look really rich and vibrant. I can't wait to start painting and see the finished product.



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