Thursday, October 27, 2011

The little things.

It felt more like Fall today than it has recently. The air was colder, and I got to wear my new coat to work this morning.  The cold air felt great, even though I'm going to miss summer like crazy. I'm also happy for winter for another reason beside wearing my favorite winter clothes. I'm ecstatic for my allergies to go away with the coming of the coldest season.

Other than that, I recently have tried thinking about the little things that make me happy on a daily basis. I don't need big extravagant things to make me content. A good book to read during my lunch hour or having dinner with my fiance. Both of those things make me feel great.

This weekend, I'm planning on printing the invitations and addressing them. Once, I have that done I know I'm going to feel better. What a relief that will be to have that done! I plan on rewarding myself with a nap or watching one of my favorite chick flicks during the day. Sometimes, I dream about doing that during the day. It's a little sad.

For now, there is only one more work day between me and the weekend-I can't wait! Work and one final fitting for my wedding dress. All the alterations are complete, and I'm so ready to try it on tomorrow. Here's to a wonderful weekend with no stress!

This wedding board gives me so much inspiration for my wedding! I NEED to be on the beach now!


3 Sweet Notes:

Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

Something about cool air and a new coat. Makes you feel great!

I'm the same as you...little things make my, oh, the fact that tomorrow is my self-appointed pizza/rent-a-movie/a.k.a. I don't have to cook and the kids entertain themselves night. :) It's a good, good thing. We need our "little things". They keep us (okay, me) sane.

Soooo exciting about the dress. Hope it's perfect!

Rose Penelope said...

Ohhh I love your weekend board! It looks like a fun warm tropical adventure! I want one too!!!

Leah said...

I love the inspiration board- it totally fits you for your wedding! :)