Monday, October 31, 2011


Heyyy Punkins!

I'm not as festive as I could be today at work. People are in their favorite costumes, while I am dressed up in my normal work clothes.  I might add a couple pink bows to my hair. You know the ones that are left over from our wedding invitations.

Those count right? Right.

This evening, I'm going Trick Or Treating with my to-be nieces. I only know of one of their costumes-a beautiful purple mermaid! Too cute for her words. I'm thrilled to see all the girls dolled up.

I love taking pictures of them having fun. They're adorable, and I love watching how much fun they have over collecting candy!

I'm only a little sad I won't be dressing up my dog, Kitty. Till later tonight that is... A couple of years ago, my mom bought her a little green dinosaur costume that we force her to wear each year. Poor pup. She looks so cute though.

What are you up to this Halloween, Punkins? Do you still go Trick Or Treating or do you take your own kids or nieces or nephews??


2 Sweet Notes:

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. no trick-or-treating.. Will just stay at home and pray that monsters won't get me. LOL..

Happy Halloween!

Jenna said...

Aww you are so lucky you have sweet little kids to trick or treat with tonight! That will be so much fun! I have class and then work...but I do have a Harry Potter scar drawn on my forehead so I'm feeling festive!