Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Embracing Fall

I feel like I could write a post like this every year, because each year, I have a hard time accepting that summer is over. I honestly think I could live in a warm climate all year long and love it. ha Instead, I live in Illinois where it can really freakin' cold in the winter.

This week, I did a few things to get in the mood for colder weather. I started wearing all my favorite sweaters again. I also looked at pea cotes. Grey and tan colored pea coats. Bill always thinks I look the best in tan colored clothes. It's a good thing I like that color too.  It would be nice to have a pea coat that doesn't show my hair all over it, like the black one I have. A grey one would also work. Anyways, wearing cute warm clothes makes me warm up to fall that much more.

Another thing that's helping me adjust? I got a gym membership this past Saturday. I forgot how much I love walking into a gym where there's people being active when everything outside is dying. I've worked out twice since, and I'm hoping to go to the gym four or five times a week. I need to be lifting weights with the strapless wedding dress I'm going to wear for our wedding! haha Anyways, it will be awesome to not give up running during the winter.

Do you dread cold weather too? Or do you welcome it with arms open?


2 Sweet Notes:

Elizabeth and Kyle @ Love Is the Adventure said...

Okay, here's the thing. I always forget how cold "cold" is! Every fall I think, I love cold weather! I can wear cozy knits and drink hot tea and make chili! And then November hits and I want to die inside. I live in Ohio so I'm feeling your cold winter pain (although Illinois gets a touch more of the Northern freeze than we do).

Leah said...

It went from like gorgeous out to freezing in 2 seconds on campus this week, and I didn't really appreciate that! haha. But I really don't know that I dread cold weather because I enjoy snowboarding and hot chocolate and such- I really don't have a favorite season because I have favorite things about each season, but I agree that the adjustment from each one isn't much fun! Hope you are able to keep warm! A new pea coat sounds like the perfect idea! ;)