Thursday, September 1, 2011

We Have The Same Fear

Number 934380834 Why I Love Him...

I've never really thought much about my fears of spiders, but last weekend, when me and Bill freaked out over the ugliest and scariest thing we've seen in a corner, I realized arachnophobia isn't gender specific. On Sunday evening, we were talking by his back door, and for no apparent reason, I looked up and saw a huge spider, the biggest I've seen in a while. All I could say was, "Oh my gosh!" Bill echoed my words exactly. We both backed away in fear and looked at each other in bewilderment.

I knew there was no way in heck I was going to kill that spider. I begged Bill to go get a paper towel and kill the damn thing. That part proved to be easy; it was getting him to go through the motions that proved to be difficult. I knew if I tried to kill it, I might pass out from fear or hurt myself in the process. So, I continued to encourage Bill to take the plunge.  At one point, I picked up a frying pan and held it in the air ready to pounce the spider. I quickly came to my senses and put it back on the stove and said, "You can do it!" To which Bill responded, "I can't!" I kept on encouraging or possibly pushing him, and he finally went closer to the wall where the spider was and squished it flat with the paper towel. We were both so relieved!

The deed was done, and I wasn't sure if I was more happy that it was over with or that I found out my love was just as scared as I was.

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7 Sweet Notes:

Allie said...

*haha* Cute and funny at the same time;] I had three spiders in the bathroom when I was taking a shower one morning, and one crawled down my shampoo bottle just as I reached for some shampoo! It was all I could do but jump out of the shower, get my towel, and cry for my dad or brothers aid. I almost convinced myself not to take a shower for the rest of my life when I saw two more in there! They all just laughed at me for being so freaked out. Though Mom was happy to stand up for me;) I. Do. Not. Like. Spiders!!!!

Fran said...

Haha Lance and I always go through kind of the same scene when we see a spider :)

Marina said...

I hate spiders :)

Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

This was hilarious (because of your writing!) and slightly disturbing. A frying pan?

Oh, Natalie.

They say going through something scary together draws you closer! Whatever it takes, huh? :)

Have a spider-free weekend. (Just so you know, I'm not exactly a fan, either. Lol.)

Sophisticated Steps

Melissa Blake said...

oh gosh, spiders are the scariest!! At least you can be scared together! :)

Anonymous said...

Too funny, Natalie!! :O) I once dated a guy that was more terrified of bugs than I was. I knew then we couldn't stay together. I mean, if we have to rely on ME to kill the bugs, that just idn't a likely scenario. ;o) I'm glad that with your support, Bill was able to take care of business!

Jenna said...

Haha what a funny story! I actually don't mind spiders too much. I am more creeped out by those long, millipeeds or whatever they're called. They're just SO freakishly long and seem to slither all over the place...BLEHH!!!