Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Running 13.1 Miles

On Sunday, I ran my very first Chicago Half Marathon, and I loved it. I felt good through mile 9, and when I got that far I really started to feel everything hurt. I should have remembered my energy gels. Oops. Honestly, it really didn't matter though. I was so happy to be out there running with everyone. Happy that I was able to train for a longer race. Happy that it was a beautiful day. And happy that two of my favorite people were with me, my mom and Bill.

They first spotted me around mile 4 and 5. I had been looking for them and was excited to finally see them.

I found them in this picture, and I am making my way over to side of Lake Shore Drive where they are watching. Bill told me after the race that my mom watched the whole time so she didn't miss me. I love you, mom!

Happily making my way over to them.

I remember I was smiling, and for some reason, I slowed down when I got to there side of the road. Anyways, Bill had jokingly told me to run faster, and that cracked me up.

My mom took this picture, and I'm glad she did. I am SUPER impressed that a kid this young ran the half marathon! That's awesome.  If you look at the other side of the rode, you will notice there are runners on the other side still completing the first half of the race. This little guy was fast!
I loved listening to the two girls in blue. The girl on the right was encouraging her friend to keep going. She kept telling her, "There is ONLY ONE MILE LEFT!" It was the sweetest thing. I could tell she really wanted her friend to finish. I love witnessing friends supporting each other.

Mile 12! I was running out of energy at this point. I am kicking myself for not bringing my running belt with some food. Oh well. You live and learn. I remember I had went to the side of the road to stretch before this, and when I was walking back to the road, my legs were burning. It was hurting so bad to walk-I couldn't stop without experiencing a lot of pain. It felt better to run. It's kind of like that feeling you get after you've been riding a horse for a while and you get off, and it feels incredibly awkward to walk. Does that make sense?

Billy and I.
My momma and I.

It felt so good to finish and see them at the end of the race! Oh, did I mention the metal? It's my first one!


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Lucy The Valiant said...

That's so awesome! What a huge accomplishment!

(that little kid is hard core!)

Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

Remind me to never go running with you. You'd whoop me! You rock! I'm a really fast sprinter, but stamina? Not so much.

Great shot of that kid running. Did you notice how both feet are off the ground? Ha! Awesome.

That will be my son. He's 10, the fastest in his class each year and was on the Cross Country team last year...he's waiting for this year's season. He must be the perfect blend of Justin and I. My speed, Justin's stamina. (J used to do triathlons. Key word: USED to.) Lol.

Sophisticated Steps

Anonymous said...

I am diggin' all these pictures!!! Kudos to the little boy...that's amazing!! You look fantastic, too! You can't even tell you just ran 13 miles in those last pictures! Congrats on finishing!!! I am so nervous and unprepared for mine in a month.

Jenna said...

Yaaayyy!!! Congratulations Natalie! That is seriously such an accomplishment!

I loved reading about the different people you encountered during the half-marathon, especially the two friends in blue.

Leah said...

YOU ROCK! I am so proud of you- what an accomplishment! Wow! I ran nine miles this week, and my 1/2 is like 4 and a half weeks away..ahh! I'm getting nervous, but excited, I couldn't believe I ran 9 so I can't imagine what 13.1 feels like! I'm glad Billy and your mom were there to support you! :)

Faith said...

what an accomplishment! so awesome, congrats!!

Fran said...

You are amazing! haha seriously girl, you rock. I cannot imagine what a huge feeling of accomplishment you felt! And that kid is seriously hardcore lol

Rebecca said...

Congratulations! I'm sure you're so pleased right now :)