Thursday, September 29, 2011

Listening to kids.

There really isn't any other show that can make me laugh uncontrollably and also make me really think like Modern Family. It has been my favorite show since it started, two seasons ago. Last night's episode was one of those shows that made me think.

I couldn't get over the scene where Phil, the dad, is talking to his son, Luke, about his failed attempt at tightrope walking. The cute little kid surprised me when he gave his dad some encouragement, 

"Maybe part of you keeps falling, because you know you can fall. Maybe if the wire was much, much, higher, you wouldn't fall."

First of all, I love the fact that he wasn't nervous to give his dad advice. Super confident kid. Second of all, Phil wasn't threatened by his kid's advice. He thought it was GENIUS!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think many parents are open to taking advice or learning from their kids. (Of course, there are some that do.) It might catch them off guard or make them feel less of a parent. Whatever it is, I think Phil is an example of a parent who listens.

I realize that it is just a TV show... One that makes me fall in love with the characters and learn things I wouldn't otherwise know.

Now, the next time, a child surprises you and says something profound, take the time to listen! ;)

4 Sweet Notes:

Anonymous said...

Modern Family is my favorite show, too!! I loved last night's episode! (By the way, Luke is the name of Claire and Phil's son, not Cody.)

I barely even picked up on what you did. And I think you are so right. Sometimes our kids can grasp things that we can't and we definitely need to be open to listening to them as much as we expect them to listen to us!

Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

Kids are incredible. I have learned SOOO much from my children. I think that's God's way of teaching us hard-headed adults. It's why our faith should be like them, too. :)

R. W. High said...

Love this show, and yes, that was indeed a good episode!!

Lidiya said...

I adore Modern Family - it's laugh out loud funny and one of the best shows on tv! :)