Thursday, September 29, 2011

Listening to kids.

There really isn't any other show that can make me laugh uncontrollably and also make me really think like Modern Family. It has been my favorite show since it started, two seasons ago. Last night's episode was one of those shows that made me think.

I couldn't get over the scene where Phil, the dad, is talking to his son, Luke, about his failed attempt at tightrope walking. The cute little kid surprised me when he gave his dad some encouragement, 

"Maybe part of you keeps falling, because you know you can fall. Maybe if the wire was much, much, higher, you wouldn't fall."

First of all, I love the fact that he wasn't nervous to give his dad advice. Super confident kid. Second of all, Phil wasn't threatened by his kid's advice. He thought it was GENIUS!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think many parents are open to taking advice or learning from their kids. (Of course, there are some that do.) It might catch them off guard or make them feel less of a parent. Whatever it is, I think Phil is an example of a parent who listens.

I realize that it is just a TV show... One that makes me fall in love with the characters and learn things I wouldn't otherwise know.

Now, the next time, a child surprises you and says something profound, take the time to listen! ;)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Cute Flower Girls!

Yesterday, my soon to be nieces tried on their dresses for the wedding! It was incredibly adorable, and they let me take pictures of them.

Too cute! I love the flower in her hair-it goes really well!

(There are two missing in this picture.) They are also going to have pink watermelon sashes that will tie in bows in the back of their dress. It's going to be so adorable. I can't wait to see it. 

On another note, I sat down last night with Bill's mom and wrote out everyone we are sending invites to for the wedding. I put all of them on note cards with their addresses. It felt good to get that done, especially since we have a better idea of how many people are coming as well. Now all I have to do is get our engagement pictures done and pick invitations! That should be a lot of fun.

Hope your week is going well! xoxo

Monday, September 26, 2011

Wine Tasting & Cup Cakes

Billy and I made it safely home Saturday night, and I threw myself into a cleaning tizzy the next day. The combination of unpacking, doing laundry, and cleaning up has brought me back to reality. I'm headed to work today to start another week, and I'm feeling the need to relive some of the special moments of our stay in New York.

We stayed at my friend's Sarah's house in Rochester. We haven't been around each other for several consecutive days for a long time. It was really good to see her and meet her husband Aaron again. The last time I met him, I was only fifteen! It was fun talking about their lives and what it's like in New York. We also talked about wedding plans. (Our wedding is in a little over 3 months!) Anyways we had a really fun night on Friday. We went to a four or five  different wineries and taste tested different wines. Of course, we brought back wine for everyone. We also went to this super cute Cup Cake place that had an Allison in Wonderland theme. The cup cakes were amazing!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Falls

We saw The Falls for the first time on Wednesday. I had no idea it was that beautiful!! 
We were both pretty amazed by it. I could have stayed there for hours looking at how gorgeous everything was. 

It was quite the tourist attraction. :)
Taking it all in.
At the end, we got to see a huge rainbow.  I think one day, I want to to do a boat tour of The Falls. I can't imagine being so close.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Museums, Food, & Love

I don't even know...
We stopped at a university to rest for a little bit.
Ate pizza for lunch.
I thought this mural was really pretty!

We made it to Toronto safely. It rained the whole fourteen hours it took us to get there, but today was absolutely beautiful and sunny. We went to a shoe museum and ate pizza for lunch. We both had so much fun walking around exploring everything. 

I've actually been to Toronto once before, almost ten years ago. I'm pretty sure that I saw the university that I stayed at when I was here last, but I will have to check that with my mom. ha 

I can't wait to post pictures tomorrow!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Packing for Toronto

I'm usually always behind on packing for anything. I dread picking out clothes for the week. It usually takes me around thirty minutes to decide on an outfit on a normal week day. Yesterday, I packed a duffle bag full of all my clothes and everything. I kept on thinking through the whole process,
I know I'm going to forget something....

 Here's what my list looked like:

four cardigans
2 sweaters
3 pairs of pants
1 purple scarf
4 pairs of shoes
Winter Coat

Stuff I Use Everyday:
Tooth Brush
Blow dryer
Regular brush
Round brush
Make Up

Cheez Its
Milk Duds
Lunch Box (to store everything)

Macbook Computer
Camera with usb & charger
Books: Bossy Pants

If only my suitcase was as cute as this! Ha. There is no way all my stuff would possibly fit!

I asked Billy to carry my bag inside with all of my clothes. He really couldn't believe how heavy it was. I think I slightly overpacked. It was hard deciding on what clothes to bring. I haven't packed for a week long vacation for a really long time. I think the last long vacation I was on was to Florida when I was a Sophmore in college at NIU. That was four years ago!

Anyways, we are leaving tomorrow at 5a.m. for Toronto, Canada. It will be fun to stay there for two days and explore the city. Then on Wednesday, we are going down to New York and staying with a good friend of mine. I really can't wait to see her!

Some of the things I'm looking forward to are: seeing Toronto again, swimming at the hotel's pool, finding new restaurants, taking pictures, visiting with my friend, Sarah, and going to New York for the first time!


(Image via: WeHeartIt)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Morning Revelation.

Bill and I are leaving for Canada on Sunday! We're spending a few days in Toronto and then going down to New York and seeing one of my good friends.  It hasn't felt real until today. There has been so many things to think and plan for the wedding that I haven't even started packing yet. I am majorly needing to write a list of everything I need to bring. I know I won't be able to think about much else today.

I can't wait to just relax and not have to get up early in the morning! Plus, I'm so excited that me and Bill will see each other for a week straight! We usually see each other every other day, since we don't live together. Ahh, I am thrilled to leave on this vacation and explore some new surroundings with Billy!

I will have a set of cute Fall posts that I will post throughout the week while I'm gone. ;) I hope all of you have a great start to your weekend!


*Images via: The Sartorialist and Pinterest

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Running 13.1 Miles

On Sunday, I ran my very first Chicago Half Marathon, and I loved it. I felt good through mile 9, and when I got that far I really started to feel everything hurt. I should have remembered my energy gels. Oops. Honestly, it really didn't matter though. I was so happy to be out there running with everyone. Happy that I was able to train for a longer race. Happy that it was a beautiful day. And happy that two of my favorite people were with me, my mom and Bill.

They first spotted me around mile 4 and 5. I had been looking for them and was excited to finally see them.

I found them in this picture, and I am making my way over to side of Lake Shore Drive where they are watching. Bill told me after the race that my mom watched the whole time so she didn't miss me. I love you, mom!

Happily making my way over to them.

I remember I was smiling, and for some reason, I slowed down when I got to there side of the road. Anyways, Bill had jokingly told me to run faster, and that cracked me up.

My mom took this picture, and I'm glad she did. I am SUPER impressed that a kid this young ran the half marathon! That's awesome.  If you look at the other side of the rode, you will notice there are runners on the other side still completing the first half of the race. This little guy was fast!
I loved listening to the two girls in blue. The girl on the right was encouraging her friend to keep going. She kept telling her, "There is ONLY ONE MILE LEFT!" It was the sweetest thing. I could tell she really wanted her friend to finish. I love witnessing friends supporting each other.

Mile 12! I was running out of energy at this point. I am kicking myself for not bringing my running belt with some food. Oh well. You live and learn. I remember I had went to the side of the road to stretch before this, and when I was walking back to the road, my legs were burning. It was hurting so bad to walk-I couldn't stop without experiencing a lot of pain. It felt better to run. It's kind of like that feeling you get after you've been riding a horse for a while and you get off, and it feels incredibly awkward to walk. Does that make sense?

Billy and I.
My momma and I.

It felt so good to finish and see them at the end of the race! Oh, did I mention the metal? It's my first one!


Monday, September 12, 2011

Wedding Gowns & Veils

Saturday was a very eventful day. I found and bought my wedding dress! It's absolutely PERFECT for me. I don't have it pictured here, because I want it to be surprise. My mom took me to David's Bridal, and I guess I went there not expecting to find what I wanted. I started my search discouraged, because I had never seriously looked at any wedding dress, let alone a certain type. The consultant I had was very helpful. In fact, she encouraged me to try on more dresses, and that is how I found the ONE.

I was ecstatic to find my dress that I had my mom take a lot of pictures of me in it. Of course, she didn't mind. She's the photographer of the family. I loved having here there. She thought the dress that I picked out was the right one for me as well. A very comforting feeling. I'm not sure I would know what I would have done without my mom there. She was so helpful with everything and gave her honest opinions.

I feel a huge relief off of my shoulders this weekend from picking out the right dress. Now, I just have to get it fitted with some accessories. I am planning when I would like to go with my bridesmaids to look at dresses. I'm not going to have a huge wedding party, since it is a destination wedding and I like smaller ones anyway. Most likely, Bill and I will have a 'siblings wedding party.' It will definitely be special.

Also, I know I have some comments that I haven't gotten around to answering. I know some people may be wondering why we're having our wedding in Florida. I wanted to answer that. Honestly, the idea of a destination wedding held a lot of appeal to us. We couldn't think of anything more romantic than getting married on the beach. Also, we don't mind that our wedding will be smaller than most as long as the people closest to us are there. What are your thoughts on destination weddings?


Thursday, September 8, 2011


I have had a million thoughts running through my head these past few days. Fortunately, I have been able to check a few things off my long list of things 'to do.' Bill and I both got our wedding bands for each other last weekend. It felt really good getting that out of the way, especially since I needed mine re-sized. We also had a wonderful lunch with my mom where we discussed different things about the wedding. I'm pretty happy that she might go down to Florida, where the wedding will be located, ahead of us and scope things out, such as flowers for my bouquet! Other than that, there is one big item that I still have yet to purchase for the ceremony. My wedding dress...

Initially, I was way more excited to get my ring than the wedding dress, but recently, I am more thrilled about this. There are few things I know I like in a dress such as ruching and a sweetheart neckline. Who knows what I will like when I actually try a the dress on for the first time. Either way, I can't wait to go with my mom this weekend and shop for my wedding dress! I'm really happy that we're doing that together. Sounds like a perfect way to spend this weekend. Also, did I mention my race is this Sunday? I will be running first half marathon. I can't wait to see how I do running 13.1 miles! What are your plans for the weekend?


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

On Saturday, I saw my mom's side of the family. I had a really good time with them. I don't see them very often-so it was definitely a treat getting to see them. We ate pizza, and they had my absolute favorite chop salad from Portillos-YUM!

My heart felt really full after seeing them. That may sound really cheesy, but family is important to me even though I don't get always get as much family time as I would like. Also, on Sunday, I went to lunch after church a winery located a few miles from my home with Billy and my mom. Oh my goodness, I love going there...

It always amazes me that I live so close to a local winery. The large front double doors to the restaurant are impressive themselves with the grape vine handles. There is a huge entry way and the table cloths are all black. It screams classy. Oh and did I mention how close it is? No need to go 20 to 25 minutes from home to find good food and wine. We sat and talked for two hours about life, our recent ring shopping experience, premarital counseling, and travel plans. I had a great time with my mom and Bill. I think I will always remember today. I could feel her love for us with the advice and guidance she gave. It was really special. I'm very thankful that God gave me the family I have. I'm realizing more and more how everything I have is a gift from Him.

I want to soak up all the good moments and remember everything. Expect several long posts with pictures accompanying them. I am also planning on updating the posts and text in my navigation bar so look for a post on that soon.

On another note, this weekend officially felt like fall. The temp was in the low seventies and high sixties, and I was completely reminded of why I love fall and the cooler weather. I went for a 10 mile run Monday morning, and Bill rode his bike next to me. It was really sweet that he kept me company like that. He also gave me water, an apple, and fruit snacks along the way. I ran and ate at the same time. I'm getting better at it. Ha. Later in the day, we went to an apple orchard. We ate donuts and drank cider; plus, we got to pick some of the most delicious apples. Here are a few of the pictures I took.

Hope you are all having a wonderful week thus far!! ;)