Sunday, August 7, 2011


Lists. Every Sunday, I run through a mental list in my head of what I'm going to do the next week. Sometimes, I write down my huge list with around thirty things to do.

I write down the plans I might have or where I'll go and what errands I might take care of on certain days.

Some of the most minuscule things make the list such as packing a lunch or bringing a certain book for my break or washing a dark load of laundry on Monday night. I also love writing things down like: pay this bill, take my puppy for a run or walk, clean my desk off, wash my bedding, and so on.

There's a certain amount of comfort I get from knowing that I'm going to remember everything I need to for the week. Plus, I love checking things off my list! It's one of the most SATISFYING things for me to get that much closer to having things taken care of.

It's Sunday morning, but I have a small list already. Here's what it includes: run 4 times this week, organize my room, finish Water for Elephants, and pack a lunch.

Do you make lists?

A very sleepy puppy who let me take her picture! She looks like she's posing.


12 Sweet Notes:

Whitney said...

I make lists, but I usually end of either a) not using the list, b) making another list, c) forgetting to do something on thes list, or d) losing the list.

I love making the lists. I just need to stick with it.

Anonymous said...

I am BIG into making lists...for everything! Partly, because I am very forgetful but also because I LOVE the feeling of accomplishment :)

Chelsea said...

I am a list fiend! And I definitely agree with that fact it brings me comfort to know I won't forget it since I have it written down :) Hope you have a great and productive week!

Anonymous said...

I spend way too much time list making - i make a to-do list more or less everyday. I know i'll forget things if i don't organise them!

I add really easy bits too, i just like the satisfaction of crossing them off ;)

Alisha said...

Oh lists!! I finished my grocery list just this morning :) And it was actually rather long… hehe Sundays are wonderful days for lists and relaxing :)

Happy Sunday, my dear!

Rebecca said...

Ah she is such a little cutie!! I am addicted to writing things down on post-it notes all the time so I don't forget to do something!

Lucy The Valiant said...

I looove writing lists! They make me feel like I have a tiny little bit of control, I guess!

Marian said...

I don't make lists but I probably should (and have always wanted to). I tend to loose my ish by Monday evening:)

Eeshie said...



Hi :)

Faith said...

i make list of my cleaning schedule ... for some reason it helps me a lot. i need to make more list on other things too.

Fran said...

I make lots of lists but I'm kind of horrible at the whole sticking to my list thing lol

Leah said...

Love this! I also love lists, they help keep me organized and productive! :)