Wednesday, August 24, 2011

As of Right Now

I have been wanting to post for a few days now. There has been so many things going through my mind. Billy and I are narrowing down our ideas for a wedding. We are thinking of having a destination wedding in Florida. Ahh! We are both so excited and thrilled to plan the details of our special day. Different color themes have been running through my mind, and I cannot wait to start sharing more of that with you.

I haven't started to feel overwhelmed with all the planning, which is good. Also, I haven't been getting much sleep either. The anticipation of it all is pretty exciting. I need sometime to sit down and make a few calls. I'm hoping tonight I will find that time to check things off my mile long list and speak to a few different people about some important details. Maybe, I can accomplish that on my lunch break. Other than wedding planning, I am still training for my half marathon that is in 2 weeks!

Training is going well. I can't believe that I actually feel like I can run this whole race, but I am feeling very good about it. Bill and my mom are going to be there to watch me. I can't wait for race day.

What's even more exciting than that? I get my engagement ring back next Tuesday! I got it resized after I said how well it fit for a couple of days. It was a little too small. :) Happy Wednesday, friends!

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Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

That would be so exciting! As long as the most important people in your life could make it, do what you want with no regrets. It's your day!
No fun being without your ring for a few days, but much better than it not fitting for the rest of your life! ;)

My niece is 25 and planning her wedding for next June. Lots of details to pull together, but she's been mentally planning for a while, so it hasn't been too difficult yet. She has an appt. to look at dresses soon. THAT'S the best part. You'll love it! A very emotional moment when you put the first one on! It becomes very real!

So happy for you! Glad you are doing well!

Rebecca said...

Ahhh wedding plans - so exciting! I can't wait to see how your's is going to turn out :) Good luck with the plans and your training!

Fran said...

I can't wait to hear all about it as you plan!! :)

Faith said...

wedding planning is so much fun ... i truly miss it ... it wasn't stressful at all but i also think it depends on you how go about it!

can't wait to see all your ideas come together!

happy planning and good luck on the race!

Leah said...

AWH- you can just hear your excitement when you read this post- I'm so happy for you- so many exciting things going on! :)