Friday, June 24, 2011

My Life in a Post.

On Wednesday, we arrived to our dance lessons and no one was there. Not a single person. We were at the right place, and it was the right time. We even got the day right, which is hard for me sometimes. ha We couldn't believe that no one had called us to let us know it wasn't happening, and we also got charged for it too. It was a major bummer. I'm calling today to find out what happened to the lessons and hopefully getting our money back...

I'm hoping that we find another place to take a lesson or two at. I know there has to be a nice place around where we live. Anyways, I'm still greatly looking forward to this weekend. I am hoping it will be relaxing and fun. I'm thinking about checking out the new Hy-Vee store around us and finding out why people seem to like it so much. (Maybe, I'll even take a picture or two. Is that allowed? Oh well, we'll see.)

Also, on the agenda, a pedicure and manicure thanks to Bill's parents. :) They gave me a gift certificate for my birthday that I haven't used yet. Also, I think this whole weekend me and Bill are going to have the Jethro Tull concert on our minds. The concert is on Monday, and we are so excited! Jethro Tull seems to be everywhere lately, or maybe I'm just noticing. Last night, there was a Jethro Tull reference on 30 Rock. Sweetness. :) I definitely need to listen to a few of their songs before Monday.

Other than that, I am looking forward to lots of hugs and time with my sweetie.
I'm so thankful for him and everyone else.

Searching for arrowheads. (Picture from last weekend.)


5 Sweet Notes:

Alisha said...

Hope you and Bill have fun this weekend. :) The concert is sure to be a hit! Bummer about the dance class. Hopefully you can get your money back.

Have a great day, my dear!

Rebecca said...

That's such a pain about the dance class, I too hope you can get your money back. Hopefully without much hassle. Hope you have a great time at the concert :)

Jenna said...

Ugh!! So sorry to hear about your dance classes. That is so disappointing! When I was in Rome, my friend and I signed up for an Italian cooking class. When we showed up at the square at the correct time, we couldn't find our group. We were SO bummed out, and it took a lot of hassling with the company to get our money back. Hope you have better luck than we did in that area! lol

Have a great weekend, Natalie!!

A Christian College Student said...

That really stinks!! I don't know where you went, but I've taken a number of classes at DeSarge in Naperville with a friend. It was fantastic! I hope you get everything worked out and get your money back.

Leah said...

Bummer about the dance lessons -Hopefully you'll find other options!I hope you enjoyed your mani and pedi- what color(s) did you pick? I love having painted nails, especially in the summertime! :)