Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 12: Something I never get compliments on.

A few years ago, I realized that my sister was more fashionable than me all together. There was no way around it. Meg, my sister, knows how to dress well naturally without trying one bit. (I had to take a few unspoken tips from her.) People would come up to her after church and compliment her clothes, cute scarfs, or necklaces that she would wear. They would compliment me on how pretty and big they thought my eyes were. But, I would always wonder why they would never compliment my clothes like my sister.

Even now, years later, I care more about the eyeliner and mascara on my eyes than the cute clothes I could be wearing. (Don't get me wrong, I still love having fashionable clothes to wear like any girl.) The plus side? I believe I am saving money since make up is less expensive than clothes at least for me. For the most part, I am a drug store junkie when it comes to make up.

There is something I find fascinating about makeup. I like being able to put eyeliner on my eyes and see the before and after. A small part of me feels like an artist, and for the day, I am comfortable in my own skin. Who wouldn't do something they like to feel that way?? Since I didn't spend that much time concerned about my wardrobe, it should have been no surprise to me that people didn't compliment my clothes- something I didn't put much love or thought into when I was younger.  My sister, Meg, on the other hand liked looking fashionable and make up was secondary for her.

I've gotten better at wearing cuter clothing since my high school days. I became obsessed with buying pretty tops my senior year of high school into my college years in an attempt to fit in with friends my age. But I will admit, I barely received compliments on my clothes (they noticed the make up adorning my face first), and to this day, I still don't have people notice them. If I do get a compliment on my attire-they're most likely noticing a pretty top I'm wearing.

Is there anything that you never receive compliments on? Does it bother you?



18 Sweet Notes:

Katie K. said...

I totally agree with you. Except people always commented Tracie on being pretty and skinny. I always felt left out of the compliments. I love that picture of you. You look awesome. I think you always look great. Its easy though to focus on others getting compliments. Love the new layout of your blog. Great topic today!

Love- Katie K.

Katie K. said...

*Commented should be complimented..oops

Dazel said...
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Dazel said...

I'm a new follower and I'm doing the 30 day challenge too! I don't have much fashion sense either I wear what's comfortable but I have to say I LOVEEE your necklace!

Anonymous said...

love this. beautifully written natalie! i'm the opposite- i rarely wear makeup but focus on the accessories. everyone's different like that.
i love that photo of you--your eyes ARE gorgeous!

Brooke said...

oh my gosh!!! we are so alike. My sister is the fashionable one and all pretty and knows exactly what to buy and I'm just..not haha! but at least we're saving money ;)

Lauren said...

you are so beautiful Natalie!! you really do have the most beautiful hair and eyes :)

Courtney B said...

Ok I wish I was good with make up! I have to buy pretty clothes because my make up certainly won't be getting anyone's attention haha. It's usually my hair that get's the compliments (thank goodness since I am a hairstylist) but I'm always wishing I knew how to do tricky, daring, pretty make up :)
And you are gorgeous!

Meri said...

It's funny, this post really made me think. I think the weirdest thing is getting compliments from strangers.
A lot of times, I think people compliment you on what they notice first, which tends to be what you put more effort into. I don't get a ton of compliments on my hair, probably because I don't put much effort into it.

Fun blog, I'm looking forward to reading more!

Kristyn said...

I have two brothers, so I had to carry all of the girly-ness for the whole family. :) I didn't mind one bit.

I've always been heavily into fashion. Or so I thought. Until I noticed all of the fashion bloggers. Now I'm second guessing how committed I am to fashion. Definitely not committed enough to post an outfit picture every day. Faaaaail!

chantilly said...

your big, beautiful eyes pull off that eyeliner so well! mine are smaller, so i rarely wear eyemakeup... i feel like it shrinks them more. i do luv my blush & lipcolor though :)

Natalie said...

Katie, I like knowing you can relate even though it's no fun to feel that way especially growing up! Thanks for the sweet comment. :) I think you always look pretty-your eyes are gorgeous! xoxo Natalie

dulci said...

I'm a drug store junkie too!


Katie said...

Well, you have beautiful skin my friend. The makeup looks gorgeous. I can only see part of your top but it looks stylish to me :)

Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

I love this picture of you!!! Beautiful! We've discussed our love of makeup before. It IS like being an artist.

Everyone has their "strengths". I know people like your sister. No matter what they throw together, it just somehow always looks good. ;)

I think I'm pretty stylish most the time, but as a mom, I definitely have my "comfy" days when I'm just running the kids up to school. No one can see me in the car, so big deal. ;) If I'm going out...I like to feel my best so I put the effort into what I wear, but makeup is a must. If my makeup doesn't look good to me, it doesn't matter WHAT I'm wearing! Lol.

Sophisticated Steps

Furree Katt said...

you are really pretty! the only kind of makeup i wear is kohl, inside the eyes.
yay for your super awesome skills!
and i saw the pictures of you and your boyfriend on your day out, i thought your outfit was very adorable :)

Brandi said...

I'm not all that into clothes either. I like to be fashionable and look nice but I don't know buying clothes is just so time consumming. I do get compliments from time to time of my clothes but I put very little effort into it all. That's why I prefer dresses mostly, that way I don't have to coordinate too many pieces. lol

I too love makeup, of course! Lol

Leah said...

I am finally getting caught up on reading blogs- your posts are such great reads!

I love your makeup- you are really pretty! :) I am so basic when it comes to makeup- and clothes too..so I'm not really sure what happened there, haha, but it works for me!