Monday, May 22, 2017

What I want to do this Summer

Summer is almost here! We've already had a taste of it with the warmer days and our trip to the zoo on Mother's Day! I just listened to a speaker at my church talk about surviving the summer and helping your kids get outside more. The talk inspired me to think of activities I would want to do outside.

I would love to plan out activities for Liam. Some of the things I listed our ideas from the speaker. :)

{Outside Activities} Picnic on our deck with a blanket and sack lunches, go for a run and push the kids in the stroller, play on a beach, stargaze, find a different park to visit, mini golf, camp in our backyard (I don't know if I'm up for that one!), roast s'mores, etc.

This speaker was pretty awesome. She also talked about instilling our passions in our kids. I need some more time to think about what I would like to encourage, but I thought about a few things.

{Encourage Reading or Listening to a Story} I have talked about Audible before on my blog, and I've written about how much I love it. It's a necessity for me! When I was younger, my siblings and I would listen to Adventures in Odyssey for hours. It's the same concept as an audio book. We loved listening to the story. I want to find something Liam could listen to this summer. Of course, I also want to read a physical book too.

{Watch Movies that Remind me of my Childhood} I had this random thought I would share my favorite movies from childhood with Liam the other day. We watched Homeward Bound the other day, and I thought about how I wanted to have him watch Cheaper by the Dozen, Stuart Little and some of my favorite Disney movies. There are a bunch of other movies I want him to see. I thought it was funny Cheaper by the Dozen came to mind.

There are a few other things I would love to do like planning a road trip or a short vacation, going to a splash pad, visiting Millennium Park (Liam would love the Bean!), walking the trails at different parks and swimming all the time.

What do you have planned this summer?

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Roland - 3 Months

{Milestones} Month 3! How are you already 3 months?! I find it so much fun that you're getting older. You are smiling more and more. I've been doing tummy time twice a day most days, and I can tell your neck is getting stronger. You like moving your arms and legs all the time. Mimi says you are working out when you do that. :)

{Temperament} You are pretty chill. You love when people talk to you. You smile so much and pay attention to every word when we have your attention. I love how happy and easy going you are.

{Eating & Sleeping} You are eating more during the day and way less at night! Yay! For the past two nights, you slept 5 to 6 hours and woke up to eat just a little bit. Then you go back to sleep for another 4 hours. I'm so excited you are sleeping through the night. Five to six hours is sleeping through the night for a baby. :) It's funny how things change so quickly. Of course, there are some nights the longest stretch is four hours, but I think we're headed in the right direction.

Your dad still says you snore a little bit... I think he needs more foam earplugs. ;)

{Weight} You weighed 16 pounds and 9 ounces on your 3 month birthday. You caught up to exactly where your older brother was when he was three months. I was a little shocked to say the least!

{Height} You were last measured at 2 months. You were 22.7 inches then.

{Clothes} You are mostly in 9 month clothes, but 6 to 9 month onesies still fit. I have a lot of Liam's 12 to 24 month clothes located so you'll have the most of those sizes when that time comes.

{Hair} Your hair is getting thicker and longer. You have a lot of hair compared to Liam at this age. Sometimes, your hair has a strawberry blonde look to it, and other times, it looks brown with blonde highlights.

{Likes} You LOVE when people talk to you. You love your brother. He can always make you happy. When you're crying, I tell Liam to talk to you, and he starts telling you a story. He'll go over to you and say, "Hippo, darn darn." Darn darns are dinosaurs. Ha

You love being held, but you also love your swing and rock and play.

{Dislikes} You honestly don't have many dislikes.

{Outings} We had you dedicated on Mother's Day with both of our families there. After church, we went to the zoo with Mimi, Nana and Papa, and your cousins. You slept the whole time. We also went to the driving range, and you were up the entire time. Mimi held you and talked to you.

We're starting to see your personality come out more each day. I'm having so much fun watching you grow and develop your relationship with your brother. You guys are incredibly cute together.

{Just for Fun} Liam's 3 Month Update

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Monday, May 1, 2017

Newborn Life

Newborn life is funny. One morning you're thinking your baby will never learn to sleep through the night, and the next morning, you're shocked when you wake up and realize you got 7 hours of sleep!

I'm guilty of complaining about how little sleep I was getting just the other day. I feel bad for complaining when I woke up for the first time this morning at 6 a.m. The night before had been awful with three hours being the longest stretch and two hours was the next longest. I was exhausted and frustrated. But this morning changed everything.

I was entirely shocked to look at my phone and find out it was 6 a.m.! How could that be? My baby slept 7 hours!! What?!

I know it's going to go back and forth for a while until he is older, but this is progress!! It's amazing how I took sleep for granted before kids, but I dream about it now. I'll never take a full 8 hours of sleep for granted again.

I've made a few adjustments to my everyday life since having Roland. Basically, everything I do is done from my phone unless he is sleeping. I try to always work from my computer for work, but it isn't always possible. I texted my brother the other day asking for a recommendation for a portable phone charger.

My phone is usually dead by noon most days. I don't know if my battery is going bad or if I'm spending too much time on my phone while I feed my baby. Haha Maybe a combination of the two?

I've learned once again to cook and prepare food quick while he sleeps. Oh another thing that helps? Keeping up with laundry is one of the most important things. I was getting Roland ready for bed a few nights ago, and I realized I didn't have a clean sleep sack ready. I didn't even have a swaddle blanket... What was I thinking?

If I have all his clothes ready and organized it makes my entire day more stress free! Also, I have found getting ready early in the morning helps too. I don't want to feel like I spent most of the day in my pajamas. I feel horrible when I do that.

I've also realized there are a few things that have helped me transition into newborn life again with ease. iBooks, Audible, Netflix and playlists from Spotify are probably my favorite right now. I can't really read an actual book when I'm holding a baby, but I can hold my phone in one hand and touch the screen to turn the page. Audible is always convenient. I've always loved Netflix. I can't wait for the new season of House of Cards to come out this month!

I'm curious... How have you made newborn life easier for you? How did you wait patiently for your baby to sleep longer consistently?

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017


This Easter was one of my favorites. Liam was old enough to enjoy an Easter egg hunt through the woods. I filled the eggs and Bill placed them throughout the wooded trail and we walked together with my mom and sister. Roland was the happiest little guy in his stroller while we watched Liam pick up eggs filled with dinosaurs (baby darn darns) and jelly beans.

We had several different Easters with our family members and each one was special. My dad came over Saturday morning for dutch babies and held Roland for the first time. Then we had dutch babies again the next day with Bill's parents. I typically don't like pancakes unless their filled with fruit or chocolate chips, but dutch babies have grown on me. They don't remind me of a pancake. I think they are lighter, flakier and buttery. Next time, we really need fried chicken with our dutch babies.
We celebrated on the Monday after Easter with Bill's family. The kids had their Easter Egg Hunt first and then we had dinner. The little kids started the hunt and the older kids followed.
Bill helped Liam collect the eggs, and of course, I was there taking pictures. ;)
How could he be that tall already?!
Roland slept through the egg hunt.
All the grand kids received rain boots for their Easter present. I loved all the different designs! They are from Gymboree.
All the kids blew bubbles in their rain boots, and it was the recipe for the cutest little photo shoot!
I've never had a pair of rain boots, but I would wear them if I could have a pair as cute as the ones Bill's mom picked out. :) Honestly, I would wear anything purple or pink. Ha

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