Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Natural Makeup Items

Makeup from Earth's Secrets

I've been slowly removing a few items from my makeup routine and replacing them with natural products. I have natural bronzer called the Eastern Glow, Mineral Powder Foundation called Olehsky, mineral blush called Pink Orchid, mineral eyeshadow called New Penny and a liner trio.

I don't always use the eyeliner because it involves using a brush and dipping it into the Transform it (pictured on the bottom left) liquid and then dipping that brush into the liner powder and lining my eyes. I usually use an Endless Silky Eye Pen from Pixi by Petra. They're only $12! Most mornings, I just want to use the eye pencil.

I'm always using the foundation, bronzer and blush. I love that it's natural without lead, talc or dimethcone. All of the makeup and perfume pictured above is from Earth's Secrets. The perfume or cologne spritz is also all natural. I love the way it smells. Vanilla scented perfume is a favorite of mine. I love being able to have most of my makeup be natural.

A couple of things I'm still using that aren't natural? CoverGirl Smoothers Concealer (under eye cream) and Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hour lip color.

What natural products are you using lately?

Little Pink Book

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Roland - 8 Months

{Milestones} Yesterday, we sat you down in the living room and noticed you were facing a totally different direction a minute later. It's fun to watch you progress. I think every parent enjoys watching their kids get stronger and more advanced. You can stretch far and reach for toys when you're sitting.

You still love rocking back and forth and moving your arms all the time.

Another HUGE milestone? You got your FIRST TOOTH this past week. Before you cut your first tooth, you were waking up all the time at night. There were three nights where we could tell you were in some pain from your new tooth. Now that the tooth has popped through, you aren't waking up at night.

{Temperament} Not sure why I still have this one on here... LOL You are the happiest baby ever... You make all of us happier throughout the day.

{Eating & Sleeping} I feel like I'm having deja vu in the evenings around bed time. We're in a pattern of having a hard time at bed times. You've been going to bed between 9 and 10. 

You started taking longer naps! Before this past week, you had been taking four cat naps a day between 20 and 40 minutes long. I never knew what cat naps were like with a baby, but I'm thankful we're switching to one or two decent naps. 

You are eating two times a day when it comes to solid food. Non solid food is 6 to 7 times a day.

I'm going to start making your baby food. I already know I'm going to buy a lot of sweet potato.

{Weight} Not sure.

{Height} You seem so much taller! I'll have to find out next month when they measure at your appointment.

{Clothes} You are in 24 month shirts and pants. My favorite shirt of yours is this white button down shirt you got from a friend. You look like you should be on the beach when you wear it.

{Hair} You're hair is coming in thick. You have brown hair with some blonde highlights.

{Eye} True BLUE.

{Likes} You love sitting up and reaching for toys. You smile all the time. You love it when Liam interacts with you.

You love being outside.

{Dislikes} Getting Dressed.

{Outings} We went to my mom's group at church for the first time this year.

Of course, we've been going to our weekly playgroup. It's fun watching our group grow with the new babies. :)

Little Pink Book

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Staying Organized While Working From Home

I thought I would share with you my favorite ways to stay organized while working from... It's been over four years since I started work from home life. I've found several ways to keep myself organized and focused throughout the week.

This summer, I picked up a chalkboard from Hobby Lobby and hung it up on my wall next to my desk. What do I put on my chalkboard? I have 5 to 7 things I have to accomplish in that week. I might also write specific notes about the accounts I'm managing or the stories I'm writing for the paper. I want those important tasks out there for me to notice when I sit down at my desk in the morning. I love checking things off my list throughout the week.

Of course, I have to have a weekly/monthly planner... I like simple planners. I bought mine from Target for $12. I had a bigger one from Michael's, but I didn't like how big it was. I like being able to carry it with me when I go out. I write down everything from due dates for stories to the topics I'm posting in my accounts four times a week.

My planner doesn't provide enough room for my work notes so I have a small notebook I can take wherever with notes I need for work. When I'm working at my desk, I have this pink notebook open to my accounts page along with another page where I wrote specific things I need to remember.

A decorative bowl on my desk I got from a flea market holds my pens, pencils, red pens for editing and random chapstick I need throughout the day. I hate having writing utensils spread all over my desk. I love having them all in one place.

A cork board with my favorite pictures doesn't help my organization, but it does brighten my day to see my pictures when I sit at my desk. My mom has pictures at her desk and swaps them out every 4 to 6 months. I'm planning on reorganizing my pictures and swapping some out soon.

What do you do to stay organized while working from home? I would love to hear your tips.

Little Pink Book

Friday, September 29, 2017

Friday Favorites - Family Trip

I can't believe it will be October 1 on Sunday! Why is time going so fast? I have a feeling Christmas will be here before we know it. Haha

My favorites from this week are all about our family trip we took last week. I'm still reminiscing. :)

We stayed at an Airbnb in Wisconsin. This house was perfect for everyone. There were a bunch of toys in the basement that he loved playing with. We had a huge backyard we took advantage of. There was a fire pit and a stream too.

We went to Cave of the Mounds. We had searched for things to do close to our Airbnb, and the Cave never came up... I was shocked to see it so close to our place. This is a picture of Polly in the Cave of the Mounds. :)

Bill and Liam sifted through some sand to find fossils. Liam absolutely loved it!

We had a picnic afterwards. Katie and Phil made lunch for everyone. So nice!

Bill getting the fire pit ready for the night. We ate at the Grumpy Troll in Mt. Horeb on Saturday night. The pizza was great.

We stayed in Madison on Sunday night, and on Monday morning, we went to the Capital. We caught the tail end of a tour and saw the assembly room. Bill has seen it a couple of times, but this was my first time. We both loved walking around and looking at everything.

We stopped at The New Glarus Brewing Company. Bill picked this place. It was amazing. I've never seen such a big brewing company. We had fun on our self guided tour.

Our last stop on Monday was a quick trip to the Decatur Dairy. The sandwiches were good. Bill's parents always bring home cheese from there.

We came home and had dinner with family... I don't think we could have possibly fit one more thing into our Monday. haha We definitely made the most of the last day of our trip. Now that we're home, I'm wishing I had another small trip to look forward to soon. ;)

Little Pink Book